Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone with Fire Emblem: Awakening

fire emblem awakening

As a gamer I’d like to think that my tastes are fairly diverse. Sure I enjoy a good dude-bro shooter every now and then, but I also appreciate stretching my wings, so to speak, and trying something different when given the opportunity.

One genre I’ve never managed to get into is the Strategy RPG (although I suppose the most recent XCOM game might qualify). I’m remedying this right now with Fire Emblem: Awakening, the latest entry in Nintendo’s long-running portable series. Anthony put up a review of the game last year, and I’m finding myself hard-pressed to disagree with him.

While I enjoy the battles in the game, my favorite aspect is purposefully trying to pair up units to get bonuses to my stats; it’s satisfying to have two people back each other up while enemy after enemy kill themselves trying to take my heroes down. I’m really liking the cast of characters as well, as the writing is fairly humorous at times and the anime cutscenes are rather thrilling. Fire Emblem: Awakening is quickly becoming one of my top 3DS games, which is saying something considering the additions to the library of that system in 2013.

What this game is making me want to do is dig deeper into this genre. I hear Valkyria Chronicles is pretty good but I doubt I could find a copy anywhere around where I love. Does anyone have some SRPG suggestions for titles I should check out?

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4 thoughts on “Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone with Fire Emblem: Awakening”

  1. Thought I haven’t gotten to play it yet, I’m super excited to dig into Fire Emblem: Awakening! As for strategy type games, I’d guess you could count Civilization as one. It’s a fantastic game and Civ 5 has Workshop support on Steam with one modder who is trying to add in the different races from Mass Effect which is awesome and should be downloaded at the given chance. As for others I can’t say that I know many others but if anyone else knows of some I’m definitely willing to check them out as well!

  2. Easily my GotY 2013. I just had so much fun with it. Mitch, I find Sully/Lon’qu to be a super strong combo. Sully is super tanky and gets really strong whilst Lon’qu is a near 100% dodge chance glass cannon. Also, Chrom is incredibly OP.

  3. Yeah I started pairing up Sully/Lon’qu recently and they wreck shop. I was trying to get them S ranked and then Chrom just married Sully out of nowhere. Wtf.

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