The Xbox One Community Gives Microsoft Some Feedback

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If there’s one way to mercilessly QA-test your new product, it’s by releasing it into the wild. Rest assured that, no matter how many man-hours your company put into testing a device, giving it to a million people will mean that any bugs, issues or glaring oversights will pop up in short order.

Since the Xbox One released on November 22, the gaming community has had plenty of time to fool around with it and figure out what it’s missing. A website called Xbox Feedback has sprung up where suggestions for future updates to Microsoft’s new console can be found.

Personally, I find the lack of some of what I would consider no-brainers (such as being able to check the battery charge on the home screen or the difficulties with party chat) pretty mind-boggling. Even though the Xbox 360 got bogged down with a UI that it was never really built to support, it still had a lot of user friendly tools and tricks. I personally appreciated the ability to set the controls to every game for inverted as a system-level option because I am a weirdo.

What do you guys think about Xbox Feedback? Any suggestions you would add to their current list? Do you think this website will actually gain any traction?

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One thought on “The Xbox One Community Gives Microsoft Some Feedback”

  1. As an Xbox One user myself, there are many things that I love about the system. However I’ll be quick to say the party system is flat out broken. My friend and I cannot join each other’s Killer Instinct games because there is no manual invite and the automatic party system fails to invite him. The 360 was the golden standard for party systems, and Microsoft somehow felt that it needed an overhaul.

    Luckily, feedback is being heard. The Xbox One subreddit, which is where this Xbox Feedback site originated, is very active in providing feedback and Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb is a very frequent participant in the discussions. For example on the first major thread that complained about the party system, Major Nelson stepped in, saying that he was forwarding the thread to the right people at Microsoft. A few days later he commented on the same thread, saying that they had a meeting discussing changes that needed to happen soon. Given Microsoft’s past of willing to change and update I have no doubt this will be resolved soon, but I wish these issues had been foreseen before launch.

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