GamerSushi Asks: What Are You Playing?

GTA Online

There seems to be some gaming event called “the next generation” coming up pretty soon. I don’t know, maybe you guys have heard of it? Apparently these big machines are coming out and people are pretty excited.

However, before that strange phenomenon occurs, we peons are stuck in the current generation (or you’re perpetually next generation gaming on your PC), no doubt clamoring through our backlogs and keeping up with this year’s more modest fall deluge of video games.

Since I’m waiting to play Assassin’s Creed 4 on my soon-to-be-released PlayStation 4 and holding out on Steam sales for Batman: Arkham Origins and The Wolf Among Us, I’m currently playing the heck out of Grand Theft Auto Online and loving it. Even though the actual online design is borked to all hell, the actual races, once you get in them, are among some of the most fun I’ve had gaming online in recent memory. Anthony and I have been partaking in planes, boats, motorbikes and more over the last week, leveling up our respective gangsters and having a general ball.

So what are you guys playing right now? Has anyone else tried Grand Theft Auto Online? Who’s playing Arkham Origins? Details, folks!

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  1. I’ve been playing a lot of The Sims 3 lately to sort of “detox” from the month I spent working on a game. Finished development last night, so now I’ve been playing Sims 3 nonstop.

  2. I’ve been having a hard time playing more than about an hour at a time of any game in particular. I finally dipped into DMC Devil May Cry, have been doing an hour here and there of a New Vegas Hardcore playthrough, played through Stanley Parable and Gone Home which are both very unique experiences.

    Bundle surprise: Knights of pen and paper: A table-top DnD style game that takes place in your characters imaginations as they sit at the table in front of the dungeon master. Very cool, very SNESish

  3. Taking a break from GTA Online to play Arkham origins. It’s more Batman and I like Batman, the narrative is is kind of confusing, but I’m sure it’ll work out in the end. Looking to to finish it soon to t r ade in for AC:IV, which sort of snuck up on me.

  4. GTA Online with my bro, Eddy. Pokemon when time allows and mostly just puttering around, trying different games that PSN Plus gave me while I kill time until the PS4.

  5. It’s been a mix of a bunch of things for me actually. I’m getting time in on GTA:Online with my friends having fun with the general nonsense we get into. I’m always hitting up The Binding of Issac, doing a couple runs here or there as Issac runs can range between 30 minutes to an hour but it’s so much fun to play! I’ve also been FINALLY getting into The Last of Us’ Faction multiplayer mode and boy I’m actually having a lot of fun with it. It’s tense, anxiety inducing, stressful, and quite satisfying to play. I’m always playing TF2 as well. The Scream Fortress event just started so that has plenty of enjoyment to be had. Hopefully soon I’ll have a 3DS and I want to preorder A Link Between Worlds for it

  6. My game time has been limited, so I’ve been playing some of the Hearthstone beta whenever I can, and it’s a total blast. I’ve never been a card game player, but this takes the intimidation out of it and combines a complex card game with the lovable Warcraft universe. As someone who spent quite a bit of time in WoW, playing this game feels like going home, with the great music and tons of familiar characters and creatures from the game.

    Besides that, I just played Mass Effect: Citadel, which will go down as the last thing I ever play on my 360, since I’m trading it in today. Saying farewell to the ME trilogy and my Xbox at the same time was more than a bit emotional, but I couldn’t think of a better way to do it.

  7. Oh! I almost forgot. I got to play the Xbox One and Ryse (which actually is tons of fun), Dead Rising 3 (absolute craziness), Forza 4 (seriously those impulse triggers are a must for any racing game fan), Killer Instincts (dem particle effects), among others. I even played Kinect Sports, which I was pretty blown away about how precise I could be with the Kinect while driving a jet ski. I didn’t have a glitch with it once. Also that One controller feels phenomenal. In other words, you guys next gen is finally almost here.

  8. Oh wow, Drell that sounds pretty cool. What way does Ryse play then? From anything I’ve heard about the game it’s that it has all of those “noob-friendly features” from that controversy ages ago. I’m only really interested due to the setting, but was interested to hear how it actually plays.
    In keeping with everyone’s favourite kingdom-turned-republic-turned-empire, I have been playing plenty of Rome 2. They just released the Blood and Gore pack and some of the finishing moves look so brutal.
    League is still my current go-to for multi.
    I’ve also finally played some Street Fighter 4. Before now, I’ve steered well clear of the game but one of the guys I work with (who is actually on my course at uni, unbeknownst to me) plays it at a professional level, so he introduced it to me.

  9. @ Peter O’Neill Ryse definitely draws inspiration from the Arkham series, but its varies quite a bit. The only time you’ll ever see something that resembles a QTE is if you opt to perform an execution on a low health enemy. Otherwise its all about good timing, heavy strikes versus light strikes, bashes, and so on. As far as noob friendly, the game is actually quite hard. It took me multiple times of playing the demo to start to string together moves and getting a hang of the combat.

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