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It’s time for the next generation of video game consoles to arrive! As we say good-bye to October and hello to November, it’s time to check out the latest releases, both current-gen and next-gen, that are hitting stores this month. Personally, I didn’t buy anything in October except Pokemon because I was too busy with GTA V. But now, with the new consoles coming, I am ready for more. And November has plenty to keep us all satiated. Hit the poll below and meet me after the jump for analysis:

Most Anticipated November Release

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Notice anything unusual in the poll this month? Consoles! New consoles! After an 8 year wait, it’s finally time for fresh hardware. I am going with a PS4 for right now, with the hopes that I can block out all Titanfall hype for the next year or so. As for games, I am pretty pumped about the new Zelda for the 3DS and XCOM’s expansion, Enemy Within, has caught my eye. I really loved that game and would love an excuse to dive back into it. As for my first PS4 game, well…jury is still out on that one now that Watchdogs is delayed. That decision will have to wait for the reviews, sadly.

What say you? What game/console are you most looking forward to? Hit the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Pixel Count: Most Anticipated November Release”

  1. I’m absolutely stoked to pick up my One, and I’m looking forward to picking up Dead Rising 3 and Battlefield 4 with it. I feel like Dead Rising is going to surprise a lot of people, the gameplay from PAX was incredibly strong and I’m sure I’ll be chasing those cheevos by performing incredibly wacky actions. Also for the first time in a while I have my eye on Ryse. The last trailer they put out was quite strong, and Geoff Keighley hinted on his Twitter that the game was looking very good and that the gameplay has seen an overhaul. I’m hoping it turns out well, because it’s really the only game from the launch line ups that screams next gen (graphically).

  2. Mother 4 is supposed to come out Winter 2014 so I’m just gonna keep voting Other until that game comes out.

  3. Definitely excited for the PS4 to launch, despite not being able to have the money to preorder one. A friend of mine said recently that the Dualshock 4 is fully compatible with PCs to use as a game pad so, maybe I’ll have to buy myself a Dualshock for the games I use a controller with, plus it’ll be one piece of the PS4 I won’t have to add on when I am able to buy one. I’m also dangeously closing to joining the 3DS brigade with @Mitch, @Eddy, and @Anthony. I’ve kind of been in this longing for a mobile game device like I used to have back in the day with my Pokemon Yellow Edition Gameboy Color. I’ve noticed a bunch of sweet titles that I’d definitely like to get my hands on and play so hopefully when Black Friday roles around, and I get my additional employee discount at Walmart, I’ll pick one up and maybe I may break my crochety old man ways about the later gens of Pokemon and get X or Y. I haven’t decided quite yet though, haha. It’s soo tempting

  4. My vote is for Contrast, pre-ordered that baby a while back.

    @playersbro – I am also thinking about getting a PS4 controller for my PC. I could finally replace this Logitech PS2 knockoff that I’ve had forever. Even if a game doesn’t support it natively, just drop x360ce into a game’s folder and voilà. Sure, the prompts will be the 360 prompts, but who cares.

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