The GamerSushi Show, Ep 77: Sushimons

the gamersushi show ep 77

We’re back with another episode of the video game podcast you love, the GamerSushi Show.

This week bears some exciting news as Eddy finally joins the ranks of 3DS owners. Nintendo’s handheld has picked up in some big ways, and the mere fact that he bought one brought up a conversation about how we’re all transitioning to a different style of playing games.

After that we talk memories from out PlayStation One and Two days and then I finally get to talk Pokemon. Anthony has also been digging into the newest iteration of the series so we get my perspective as a veteran and his as a newcomer.

I think you know the drill by now, but listen, rate the cast, and be nice to everyone. Except that one person. You know who I’m talking about. See you next time!

0:00 – 2:00
2:01 – 10:22 Eddy gets a 3DS
10:23 – 17:42 Getting older and finding time for games
17:43 – 33:00 PlayStation memories
33:01 – 46:55 Pokemon X and Y
46:56 – 50:40 Outro

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2 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 77: Sushimons”

  1. I had an older cousin who got a PlayStation before I even knew what it was. I remember going to their house and my aunt letting me play it even though my cousin wasn’t home. The very first game I played was Driver, and I think my jaw was on the floor the entire visit. I’ve been a Sony man ever since, even though I’ve taken about 10 years off from consoles and went to PC. It’s why I’ll be picking up a PS4 when Watch Dogs comes out.

    Another great cast guys.

  2. I coulda sworn Eddy had a 3DS for a while now.

    I’ll be joining the ranks soon. All Nintendo needs are a few more great first-party titles. Either that, or a Majora’s Mask 3D. Seriously, if they announce a Majora’s Mask 3D I will buy a 3DS right now.

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