Sony Tugs the Nostalgia Strings with PS4 Ad

Since our hobby is something that we’ve grown up with, we gamers tend to be an over-nostalgic bunch. Sometimes all it takes to yank on our heart strings is a sound clip, a bar of music or a screenshot of an old game.

Sony taps into that nostalgia thread with their new PS4 ad, “For the Players Since 1995.” It’s about as close to pandering as you can get—but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it. They really capture that feel that no doubt many of us have had over the years of growing up with consoles in our rooms, and give lots of great shout outs, too.

The PS4 releases in just a few weeks. Count me excited.

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5 thoughts on “Sony Tugs the Nostalgia Strings with PS4 Ad”

  1. Disclaimer: I am getting the One and have long since made that purchasing decision, so I do possess a slight bias.

    I know I’m probably in the minority here, but is anyone else frustrated with Sony’s marketing approach of the last few months? Their “stand by and let Microsoft kill themselves” approach worked great back in the days of E3, but now it’s just annoying. Most of the news that come out about the PS4 are news that are retaliating to an Xbox story. Microsoft as of late has been doing a good job of selling not only the games, but also the Xbox One’s system interface and features, which is arguably more important than the launch games. At this point I have no idea what it will look like to boot up a PS4, what will happen when I hit the PS button on the controller, how the game recording feature will work; the list goes on and on. Yet instead of releasing videos explaining some of these things, they give us videos like this, which go for the aforementioned crazy nostalgia that gamers have rather than showing actual content.

  2. I loved this ad, so much nostalgia.

    I think what makes the PS4 and it’s marketing more appealing to the majority in this generation’s console war isn’t just the fact that the Xbox One had a poor introduction, but the fact that Sony is targeting the players and good ol’ gaming. Bringing up fond memories of Crash Bandicoot and that sweet, sweet, PS1 start up sound… …Hnnng!

    Hopefully with Sony going back to it’s roots they’ll be thinking about what gaming meant for players “back in the day” when developing the PS4 as well, and hopefully give the PS4 some memorable moments of it’s own for the future.

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