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One of the things I love about the Sushians here is that I think we cover a decent spread of ages and lifestyles. Some of us have kids, some of us are still in school, some of us are kids at heart and others of us eat hearts to strengthen their bushy beards (not that I’m naming names).

In recent weeks, I’ve had to do some thinking about the state of things in my life, what it means for my schedule and how that affects the time I can devote to gaming. Sadly, I’ve concluded that multiplayer games are all but out—however, handhelds are on their way back in! Most of that is because I’m discovering that I just don’t have the disposable time that I used to (most of my free time goes to family and writing), so it’s time to stop kidding myself.

With that in mind, I wanted to ask you guys about your gaming time sheets, and how many hours you guys are able to put toward our illustrious hobby week in and week out. Feel free to go into more detail in the comments. Go!

How many hours do you game each week?

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11 thoughts on “Pixel Count: Game Time?”

  1. between 0 and 5-8. I am also in college/university and some weeks the workload is too hectic to play anything, others are relaxed enough I can spare an hour a night.

  2. It’s rather tragic for me, since this semester is the first time I’ve ever been truly restricted on my game time. I find myself too busy making games and Unity levels for my classes, so I have very little free time to do anything. And when I do it’s usually spent with my girlfriend, or reading a comic, since those I can read in 20 minutes and don’t require a serious time commitment. My greatest wake up call was the other week when my weekly Raptr game time email came in, and said that my total game time for the past week had been 1 hour and 15 minutes. It may sound silly but in a way it was depressing, because up until this point, I usually could throw down up to 20 hours a week (or if it’s summer time, 40 but let’s not talk about that). I’m hoping it dies down a bit when the holidays come around, or else I’m going to go insane as I can only watch as the brand new games sit on my shelf.

  3. I used to be able to play for hours, but lately I’m realizing I can’t push that kind of game time anymore. I find myself too tired by that time to even consider playing anything. I can do between 5 and 8 when I’m not too busy, but when you’re almost through a Network Specialist degree, and you work 4 days a week at 8 hours, you don’t have too much time (and money) for anything. I envy those who can push 20+ hours of game time. Hang onto it dear Sushians, it only lasts so long!

  4. About 20. During lunch break I may have a pokemon battle with one of the guys there and after work I’m mostly on my PC. Weekends I’m playing games or spending time with my girlfriend. Riding out this 20+ thing while I still can.

  5. I work 30 hours a week on top of 14 Credit hours of school. You know what that means?
    A lot of late fuckin’ nights.
    14-19 hours I’d guess.

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