GamerSushi Asks: What’s Your Favorite Pokemon?

favorite pokemon koffing

With the release of Pokemon X and Y, the total current number of Pokemon adds up to over 650. Given the widespread love that the newest games are getting (as well as the series’ cultural presance over its lifespan) it’s reasonable to assume that out of these hundreds of critters you must like one more than the others.

Personally, my favorite Pokemon would have to be Koffing. Although I find Poison-type Pokemon to be the least useful (aside from Ice), Koffing’s design has the elegant simplicity that was the hallmark of a lot of Generation One designs.

Just by looking at this guy you get the sense of what he’s about. There’s smog, and a skull, so you know he’s bad for your health. Plus he has that big goofy smile. What’s not to love?

So, who or what is your favorite Pokemon?

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6 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: What’s Your Favorite Pokemon?”

  1. Koffing is a sentimental favorite due to Ryan Davis.

    This is my first Pokemon and I am loving Combusken for its fighting skills, but I have always enjoyed Psyduck. He’s funny.

  2. My favorite is has to be Gyrados, because it evolves from wimpy-ass Magikarp. I felt so smart once I figured out you could just spash other Magikarp caught from the Old Rod to effortlessly level yours. Once I had a kickass Gyrados, I could mop up anything that managed to take down my fire types.

  3. Blastoise, I remember getting pokemon blue as a kid and loving him. Then after getting my first ever packet of Pokemon cards, I opened it and got a shiny Blastoise. Still one of the happiest days of my life 🙂

  4. I’ve been a fan of Pidgeotto for a long time. I’ve always enjoyed Flying types. I also love the Cyndiquil and Tododile evolution chains. I have no qualms against anybody who loves the later gens but for me anything after Gen 3 just kind of lost me. It started to feel strange and bizarre. Oh well, maybe I’ll give it another chance someday

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