GamerSushi Asks: How do You Feel About Companion Apps?

gta 5 ifruit app

As the next gen looms, one thing I can’t help but notice is how many companion apps our games are getting. While smart phones and tablets are fairly ubiquitous these days, do games actually need a “second-screen” experience?

My first encounter with a companion app was last year when Mass Effect 3 hit. The Datapad app allowed you to send out fleets on missions to up your Galaxy at War completion percentage, something that was invaluable to bring all of your War Assets into the final battle. It was also a viable substitute for people who couldn’t, or wouldn’t, participate in the excellent multiplayer mode.

Now, it seems like every game has an app. GTA 5 has iFruit (which is pretty bad), Battlefield 4 has Battlelog and UbiSoft’s next-gen samplings have their own apps. What do you guys think about companion apps? Do they add anything? Do you think they’re super neat and useful? Sound off!

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One thought on “GamerSushi Asks: How do You Feel About Companion Apps?”

  1. I dunno, I’m pretty much indifferent on the subject.

    I mean I don’t really care for them at the moment, I don’t see an appealing idea right now, but I have an open mind in case a few interesting concepts in the future pop up that might catch my eye or something.

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