Pixel Count: The Review Game?

Welp, it’s Grand Theft Auto V week here on the Internet, so you can guess what we’re talking about.

Despite our many, many grievances about Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto V has managed to charm me over the last few weeks. I have to give credit to Rockstar for the way that they’ve managed the flow of information about this game, from the screenshots to the trailers to the details about GTA Online. It’s created a bit of a frenzy for a game I never wanted to play, to the point where all this week I’ve been salivating over reviews.

Which leads me to today’s Pixel Count. We’ve all got our methods about how we choose our games, or how we rate them before we’ve played them. I wanted to know how you guys get a sense of a game when it releases. Vote and tell us more in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Pixel Count: The Review Game?”

  1. There’s only one reviewer I trust any more, and that’s Adam Sessler. I was relatively sold on GTA V prior to watching his review, but afterwards I was pumped. The way Adam Sessler talks about a game he likes is unlike any other game reviewer, and I feel like he can really put his finger on why exactly a game succeeds or fails without resorting to typical game journalist buzz words.

  2. Usually it’s word of mouth. I actually did buy GTAV on release through a combination of word of mouth and a handful of different reviews, so that game is one of the few deviations. Everything else is “Oh, I saw Game Grumps play it” or “Oh, I heard GamerSushi gushing about it” or something to that effect.

  3. I definitely agree with you, @Drell. Sessler’s reviews really hit the right points and present the right information points, and he genuinely sounds as stoked as we are about the game in question being reviewed. He seems to really be exploring his full potential now that he’s at Rev3. I have to add that he could review an orange, and I’d want it

  4. @playersbro Just to add to your point, he’s obviously very excited about the games, but he’s also not too blinded by the hype. Even despite his glowing GTA V review, he did bring up some negatives. This is an area that I feel IGN and other outlets have a problem with, especially with games that have had very little media interaction.

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