The GamerSushi Show, Ep 74: Fever Cast

gamersushi show ep 74

We’re keeping the podcast rolling this week with a new episode, in which Eddy experiences a halucinatory fever dream and leads us all on a magical adventure in which we learn a bit more about ourselves. Nah not really, we mostly just talk video games and troll each other, like we do.

We gab a bit about the new iPhones, Kickstarter, Saint’s Row 4, now that I’ve gotten a chance to dig in to it, Grand Theft Auto 5 and how Rockstar is trying to kill Anthony, and a few more things besides. It’s an excellent cast as always, so listen, rate and be awesome. See you soon!

0:00 – 1:54 Intro
1:55 – 8:50 iPhone 5S and 5C
8:51 – 20:56 Kickstarter
20:57 – 30:09 Saint’s Row 4
30:10 – 38:25 GTA 5
38:26 – 46:53 Steam Family Sharing
46:54 – 57:37 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Shorter Games
57:38 – 59:49 Outro

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3 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 74: Fever Cast”

  1. Great cast as always guys! Now that it’s out, I can say to @Mitch, you’ve got nothing to worry on the performance of GTA V on this gen’s hardware. It’s handling like a dream on my PS3 and my god, this game is awesome. It feels miles ahead of GTA IV. They took their time with this one to get it right and boy does it show.

  2. That blows my mind. I’ve just come to accept the fact that these “transition” period games will have bad framerates, but I’m happy that GTA managed to avoid that!

  3. Two hours in and GTA V is already ten times better than GTA IV in my eyes. The opening and the following missions didn’t bore me to tears, the gameplay is solid, cars drive well, and the characters already seem more interesting than Nico “I’m trying to escape the criminal life but actively seek it out” Bellic.

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