Pixel Count: How Do You TV?

From Netflix to Apple to Amazon to your local cable provider, sometimes it seems like every company in the world is at war — and your TV is the battleground. While Microsoft is certainly unleashing its own bombardment with the TV capabilities of the Xbox One, Sony surprised the entertainment world today with their own announcement of PS Vita TV, a set-top box similar to the Apple TV.

When it hits Japan, the PS Vita TV will be able to stream services like Hulu, will be priced similarly to Apple TV, and will also allow gamers to play PS Vita games on their TV by way of a Vita slot in the back of the console. It’s an interesting idea, one with some intriguing possibilities — if there’s a similar content lineup when this thing hits North America, there’s no telling how big of a presence Sony could have in the TV streaming realm.

In light of this news, I’ve been wondering how you guys TV. There are so many options these days, and so many relate to gaming systems, I thought I’d throw it out there. Vote and hit us up in the comments!

How Do You TV?

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5 thoughts on “Pixel Count: How Do You TV?”

  1. I suppose I should answer my own poll, eh? I pretty much do all streaming these days, as I recently cut the cord on cable and have never looked back. Admittedly, this isn’t the perfect solution (Game of Thrones is a notable reason, as HBO doesn’t allow subscriptions to just its HBO GO service), and mostly stinks in terms of sports. However, all Texans games are on local broadcast, so I get to see the sport I care about most. I’ll just have to find solutions to watch the Rockets.

    Other than that, I think it’s a dream. I only pay $2-3 per week for every show I want to watch by purchasing it off Amazon the day after it airs, and since I don’t watch many shows at a time, I’m usually only paying $12 a month, which comes out to much better than the $100+ it typically costs to get cable service. I supplement all that with a seldom torrent as well.

    As for these streaming services, I partake in Amazon and Netflix (although I’m thinking of dropping the latter for Hulu, since Amazon and Netflix’s selection is so similar), and do that via PS3. I’ve only recently started using my PS3 for all of my streaming, and I’m amazed at how much better the interfaces are than the Xbox 360s.

  2. We’re on Virgin Media, it being the only consistently acceptable service with DVR in the UK. It’s a bit expensive but we like the HD channels and the access to on-demand streaming. Looking forward to the Netflix app later this year.

  3. I stream (and not the paying way). Since im in Australia, a lot of shows don’t show up on TV, and we are still pretty limited in internet services as well for some reason (we don’t get Hulu etc). We get a pretty raw treatment with video game prices, ratings, and release dates aswell 🙁

  4. Due to the fact that I do not have cable, I torrent most of everything (except Breaking Bad, which most of the time I go see at the local theater). The reason I don’t pay for shows via Amazon or iTunes is that I always purchase the Blu Ray box set of the seasons once they come out, so I’m still ensuring that shows get my money. I do however have Netflix and Amazon Prime, so that’s how I watch shows that aren’t currently airing.

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