Roll Call: Saint’s Row IV

Saint's Row 4

This last week saw the release of Saint’s Row IV, the sequel to the irreverent, goofy, completely ridiculous sandbox crime series that lets you blow up just about anything in just about anyway possible. As if the games weren’t already insane enough, this version of the series has added in superpowers with which to visit havoc upon the citizens of Steelport, in addition to its new alien overlords.

While the first few missions of SR4 took me a bit of getting used to (the game makes you waddle through quite a bit of set-up in order to get to the first open world gameplay), once it unleashes you in the digital, Matrix-style Steelport, where you’re constantly testing the world’s parameters— things kick up quite a few notches. I’m already in love with the power glitches, a gameplay element quite similar to Crackdown’s agility orbs, which beckon you to jump to new heights to get stronger and faster. We’ll see how the rest of the game unfolds.

So what about the rest of you? Who else picked up Saint’s Row IV this last week? What are your thoughts on the game so far? What’s your character like? And did you choose the Nolan North voice? Sound off, Sushians!

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5 thoughts on “Roll Call: Saint’s Row IV”

  1. I’ve been watching my friend play it all weekend. I’m going to go play SR3 first, then I may jump on board. The game looks both fun and funny. He’s also got quite a few of the ability upgrades so he’s become an absolute beast. It’s a crazy game.

  2. My problem is that I kept doing side missions that involved raising my notoriety before I reached a point where it was easy to lower it down again. It’s too much fun running around at top speed and punching holes through dudes, but it’s probably better to wait until you’ve progressed in the story a little bit more.

  3. The only downside of the powers is that it now makes the vehicle customization completely superfluous. Getting into a car makes me sad because at the basic level of super-run you’re already faster than a sports car. I’d way rather have powers, but the cars should have been beefed up with some side benefit. I guess you can toss them around with TK later as glorified grenades, so it balances out.

  4. I held back on this one so far. Heard some mixed things, the “never driving again” is one of them, since driving was so fun in SR3. Will likely wait til Christmas sale 😀

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