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Due to some recent security issues we’ve experienced with the site, I’ve deleted all existing GamerSushi “subscriber” user accounts and have turned off the registration option.

Don’t worry, though – all of your comments are still in our system, and you can enter new comments by logging in with Twitter, Facebook or a user account (or without logging in at all if that’s what you prefer). I haven’t found any evidence that your login information was taken, but if you were using the same ID and password on another site, it can’t hurt to change your password. Sorry for any confusion!

Back to your regularly scheduled programming…

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8 thoughts on “GamerSushi User Accounts”

  1. Deal. Failing the unicorn and the full cast, I will accept an autographed copy of Anthony’s FFVI. Assuming Eddy ever completed it… This is the only apology I can accept.

  2. Aw, see, you guys don’t HAVE to lose your anonymity if you don’t want to. If you create an account at, it should let you control how your name and Gravatar appear when you comment here. Facebook and Twitter are just quick and easy ways of logging in without creating a new account.

    1. Yep, it was deleted, but you don’t have to make a account if you don’t want to. Comment using whatever option you like most.

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