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The Steam Summer Sale has come and gone, leaving only empty wallets and frantic gamers in its wake. We all know summer is the best time for working on the old backlog and I hope you’ve made some progress on yours because the summer drought is about to end in a big way. August is actually home to one of the most talked about games of the year, Saint’s Row IV. In case you didn’t know, it’s going to be my choice for the poll below. So let’s take a look at the poll first and then talk about what other games are coming out after the break:

Most Anticipated August Release

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That’s quite a line-up for a summer month! Saint’s Row IV is the likely winner here, but Splinter Cell is a heavy hitter in its own right. Interesting to see if fans will reject the new direction the stealth series is heading. Don’t sleep on The Bureau, either. XCOM was a big hit and this 3rd-person shooter puts an interesting spin on the aliens we love to hate. Madden is always a big deal this time of year, but I wonder if people are waiting for the next-gen systems before taking the plunge?

On the family side, Disney Infinity, the Mouse’s answer to Skylanders, is finally here and the hype for it has been palpable. I won’t partake, but any gamers with kids out there that are going to give this a shot? In addition, the next entry in the hilarious Mario & Luigi RPG series is out on 3DS. Finally, the re-release of the brand new Final Fantasy XIV MMO is out this month, which is an achievement all unto itself. I’m not sure anyone will pick this up, but credit to Square Enix for at least trying.

Oh, and Lost Planet 3 is out, too.

So there you have it: the games of August 2013. What’s on your menu for this month? Go!

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12 thoughts on “Pixel Count: Most Anticipated August Release”

  1. Man I couldn’t be more excited for Blacklist. The developers seem to really get Splinter Cell. I remember talking to one of them at E3 last year and was discussing what their approach would be, and they said that they were going to continue the gameplay innovations of Conviction while taking influence from Chaos Theory. As a long time Splinter Cell fan this was incredibly exciting, and every preview that comes out shows that they seem to be on target to please fans new and old. Spies vs. Mercs? Check. Awesome Co-op? Check. Really cool expansion of the Mark and Execute system? Check. Don’t care for Mark and Execute and like to play Splinter Cell the classic way? Perfection mode has you covered. Miss hiding bodies and all the cool gadgets that were missing from Conviction? Worry no more.

    Seriously this game is going to be awesome. On a side note though, I look forward to picking up Saints Row IV sometime in the new future, however with the crazy expensive holiday season coming up, it is a cost I can remove for now.

    1. Drell, Blacklist has been off my radar, but your excitement about it put it on the edge. I’ll have to hear what you think about the game when you get it.

  2. I have Saints Row IV pre-ordered on Steam. A pre-order is an honor I bestow on very few games. That game just cannot come soon enough.

  3. The third-person XCom game is strangely intriguing to me. I saw a Quick Look over one Giant Bomb that piqued my interest, but I haven’t seen anything else that got me excited about it.

    I was interested in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, but after reading some lackluster reviews today I’m kind of hesitant about it.

  4. Yeah, I’m considering getting that XCOM game, but only because I have a credit for 2K Games purchases because I pre-ordered Infinite from Amazon. Kinda hard to use a credit I can only use for a specific publisher…

    Also I preordered Saint’s Row IV the instant it was listed on Steam. 🙂

  5. Jeff, maybe you can use that credit for Borderlands 2 when they drop the next season of DLC this fall? I mean, we all know how much you loved them Bonerhands.

  6. I’ll be posting my thoughts on GS for sure Eddy. Stay tune, I hope it’s as good as I’m hyping it up to be.

  7. Yeah, I used part of the credit for the first season pass. It just won’t let me use it on pre-orders or the Infinite season pass.

  8. Saints Row is going to be Bat. Shit. Crazy. It got my vote.

    However, I’m with Killklli as well, Payday 2 looks absolutely awesome, and frankly, what Payday should have been.

  9. I think this has been the best month for releases in a while. I initially wasn’t interested in anything but I saw someone playing Conviction at work and it got me back into the Splinter Cell swing.

    I’ve also been playing the Payday 2 beta and it’s an phenomenal improvement over the first. Getting 505 to publish this one has clearly worked out well for them.

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