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I finally finished Skyrim this past weekend.

Not entirely, mind you. I didn’t 100% it or anything crazy like that. But I finished what I wanted to out of it, which was the Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood and the main quest lines. I put 65 hours into it, got to level 37, plundered tons of caves, stole EVERYTHING from everyone I could and slew more than my fair share of dragons. I got more than my money’s worth out of the game. Indeed, if you do the math, I got more than an hour for every dollar I spent on it. Bethesda may be buggy, but they give you the bang for your buck.

Now though, after hours and hours of juggling weight limits (the most annoying thing about the game), arrows in knees and killing falmer, I am done. I love the game, but there comes a time when you have to put it aside for a while and I have reached that point with Skyrim. It’s such a massive game that I wish there was a 6 month moratorium on all new releases so we all could really delve deeply into its dense dungeons. I started and stopped that game several times since I bought it on Day 1, but it’s all over now. I might go back to it sometime, but no time soon, I can assure you. The biggest obstacle on my backlog is gone and I feel lighter for having it removed. On to greener pastures…like finally finishing Dark Souls…oh God.

What about you guys? Did you get your fill of Skyrim? Is there any game on your backlog that hovers over you like a scythe? What do you need to finish before the fall onslaught hits?

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  1. I had the exact same experience with Skyrim when it came out, and i haven’t re-played the game since because it just seems too daunting.

    I’m actually doing not too bad with my backl…*Steam Summer Sale hits*

    ….OH GOD

  2. I got all of the achievements in Skyrim back around the time it released (which ended up being 100 or so hours of game time) and then I went back last summer when I bought the PC version. I mostly did this so I could get the Creation Kit, but I’ve since gotten my PC character up to level 30, and a few months ago I bought the two major DLCs for 10 bucks each. Unfortunately I’ve only gotten through most of Dawnguard, and I’m hesitant to go back. When playing Fallout 3, I got all of the achievements as well, and when each DLC pack came out for it, I felt the need to play it and get all of its achievements. I did it, but by the end of Mothership Zeta I was so tired of Fallout that it was almost painful to play. I don’t want to get that way with Skyrim, so I’m happy to let it sit for as long as it needs.

  3. I got a really nice gaming laptop about two weeks ago, and since then I’ve been playing Skyrim all the time. After beating all the guilds and finishing the main quest I feel like, aside from the DLC, I’ve gotten my fill of the game. It was a lot of fun, but I feel like I’m ready to move on.

  4. Spent 150 hours over the months since release, wandering the mountains, subjugating the guilds, shouting at farm animals, doing the twisted bidding of the Daedra, and generally dodging the main quest as much as possible. Had my fill for a while, but I’ll probably come back for Dragonborn at some point. I’ve given up on the concept of clearing my backlog, just wandering the game-strewn landscape of my Steam library playing whatever appeals at the moment.

  5. Pretty much the same story for me; I put in 60 + hours in short order, did a ton of stuff (like manage to make the town of Markarth hate me permanently…that was a fun day) and didn’t touch the DLC. I felt fine with what I had done in Skyrim, and I’ve heard the DLC is pretty lackluster anyways.

  6. The games in my account that are hanging over me like a scythe are KOTOR 2 and Mass Effect 1/2. I don’t get a lot of time to play games when I’m at home so I try and stick to the shorter ones but every so often I take the plunge and finally play one of these huge games. My biggest annoyance though is with EA only releasing ME 3 on Origin, my hope is that if I wait long enough then they may finally release it on Steam. I think I will be playing Half Life 3 long before that ever happens.

  7. My Skyrim playtime on Steam is sitting at 105 hours, which includes both mine and my girlfriend’s playthrough. Normally games with mana don’t appeal to me, but if you can steal and sneak, I’m all over it, so this was the best of both evils.

    But I’m almost ready to start again, it feels like a long time since I plundered through Skyrim… But I’ll probably play Fallout more/again.

  8. Still putting it off. 99 hours in. No DLC completed, all purchased. I play too much League of Legends and Total War to play other games. My back catalog has made literally no progress over the past 6 months. Actually, it’s made negative process with the ever growing backlog. I’m still playing Uncharted 3 for crying out loud!

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