Klei Introduces its Tactical Espionage Game, Incognita


Anyone that’s played Mark of the Ninja or Don’t Starve by Klei knows that these guys are some talented developers with a knack for creating some crazy fun games. Mark of the Ninja, a 2D stealth game, is one of the more creative titles I’ve played in years — and probably some of the best stealth gameplay in this generation. And while I haven’t played Don’t Starve, I’ve heard the alpha access, community building and the fun take on survival gameplay made the title an interesting experiment that’s worth taking part in.

Klei’s newest game, Incognita, announced yesterday, sounds just as ambitious as their previous titles — with a brand new take on stealth. Taking inspiration from XCOM, a game that I fell in love with, Klei is aiming to make Incognita a turn-based tactical espionage game, where information is power.

While there are few details announced at this time, co-founder Jamie Cheng shared some tidbits with Rock Paper Shotgun yesterday: namely, that maps will be procedurally generated, that the game will allow you to buy into the alpha and influence development, and that it will be heavily influenced by XCOM’s style of play, but against other opponents (from the sound of it).

As I’m finally diving into my PC backlog again (finished FFVI this weekend!), this sounds like the perfect game for me. Supposedly the alpha could begin as soon as the end of the summer — if you’re interested, you can sign up for more news over at the Incognita website. What do you guys think of the small amount of information that we know about this game? Go!

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  1. I adore Don’t Starve. Very minecraft in the sense that I really don’t want to die once I’ve started a game, but it’s basically inevitable. I wish I had finished Mark of the Ninja, but I feel like I’d have to start over again and I’m not that interested. *shame* I also didn’t finish XCOM, haha.

    This game will probably also be awesome.

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