The GamerSushi Show, Ep 72: E3 2013

gamersushi show e3 2013

It’s the Season Finale of The GamerSushi Show! At the end of this season of the podcast, we talk about E3 2013: the press conferences, the games, and how we felt about the whole thing!

All five of us assembled like some sort of giant robot or mighty super-hero team, so it’s a pretty great cast. Unfortunately I had to duck out early thanks to work things coming up, but the guys brought it home in grand style.

So, you know the deal. Listen, rate, and eagerly await our return in September (or August, if Saint’s Row 4 has anything to say about it).

0:00 – 5:02 Intro
5:03 – 30:59 Microsoft’s press conference
31:00 – 54:21 Sony’s press conference
54:22 – 1:04:05 Nintendo’s….presence at E3
1:04:06 – 1:12:53 E3 wrap up thoughts
1:12:54 – 1:17:20 Outro

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2 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 72: E3 2013”

  1. I’ve got to say, it’s the first time in almost 10 years that I’ve been excited about a console, and that is the PS4. I’ve been considering a $500 – 900 upgrade on my graphics card alone, so hearing that I can grab a PS4 for $399 is pretty great news. Especially if it turns out that it can natively support mouse and keyboard and do it well.

    I am really excited for Mirror’s Edge 2, so much potential there. But I am most excited for Thief 4.

    Another great cast guys. Enjoy the summer.

  2. Great cast guys, sad to see it be the podcast season finale.

    I do think some of you guys are having delusions of Sony grandeur with the Sony conference, though :). Personally I wouldn’t rate it anywhere above a B, and you guys yourselves made the rating seem lower as you went into a detailed discussion about the conference. The Order teaser showed very little, so it was nothing to get excited about. Killzone is Killzone. inFamous doesn’t interest me (tried it and didn’t care for it), although I know some people are excited). I don’t even know what that Quantic Dream thing was. All the indie games are cool, but I’ll be getting all of those for PC. Versus XIII (Now FF XV, sorry Anthony) was a disappointment. Kingdom Hearts, which was initially assumed to be an exclusive, is mutliplatform, so that doesn’t count. AC4 is mutliplatform. Destiny looks awesome, but is also multiplatform. Sony cloud service not available at launch. And then finally the only thing that everyone remembers about the conference: the price is $400 and it plays used games.

    Basically the TL;DR version of what I’m saying is Sony got the internet wide “hands down” victory by being cheaper (which is cool) and keeping their used game policy the same as it has always been. I know that’s enough for a lot of people but personally that doesn’t sell me at all.

    (Disclaimer: I do have a slight Xbox bias, however I own both PS3 and 360 and will own both One and PS4 eventually as well).

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