Pixel Count: Which System Will You Be Playing in 2014?

E3 has come and the Big 3 have shown us what they have in store for us over the coming months. There has been so much news, updates, retractions, clarifications and denials that it is kind of hard to keep track of everything. Still, this has been an eventful E3, one where the details of two new consoles were revealed, where fanboys waged war and where Nintendo did whatever it is they do. Microsoft brought the games, Sony brought the Internet to its feet and Nintendo brought its beloved franchises.

So now that we have a clearer picture of what Microsoft and Sony are going to do with their next gen systems, it only makes sense to take a poll of our loyal readers and find out where your current desires lie. A lot can change between now and release but it seems reasonable to assume that some of you have made up your minds. So tell us in the poll below which system you plan on doing your gaming in the near future. Please leave the reasons for your vote in the comments!

Pixel Count: Which System Will You Be Playing in 2014?

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6 thoughts on “Pixel Count: Which System Will You Be Playing in 2014?”

  1. I’m going with the PS4, as with the Xbox One’s deterring requirements I’m just turned off from it right now. Until something changes, and price drops I’d rather stick with the PS4. I feel more confident in it than I do the Xbox.

  2. While I’ll probably have both eventually, I’m definitely going with the Xbox One from the outset (already have mine pre-ordered). All of the DRM stuff doesn’t affect me at all, and the whole “play a game while waiting to play a game” and the game DVR stuff is awesome. While the PS4 is certainly the heart of the internet circle jerk right now, nothing Sony showed off really grabbed me and made me say, “wow, I want to play that”. Some of the indie games were cool, but I’ll play all of those on PC. The Xbox conference, on the other hand, didn’t show a title that I wasn’t at least interested in, and most of them looked like something I would purchase upon release.

  3. The system from the ‘war’ here I am going with PS4, but no matter what I will still have my PC and will probably be getting a Wii U

  4. Quad will be my system of preference, Microsoft seem to be going out of their way to make me hate them 🙁 I was thinking about grabbing a Wii U sometime this year but they had an abysmal showing at E3, so ill wait till next year when apparently all their games are coming out/Smash Brothers.

  5. I shall stick with my PC for now. I may pick up a PS4 eventually. Really, it just depends on when there are enough exclusives enticing me to make a purchase. For now, I’d rather get a better graphics card. Having said that, my friend’s picking up a GTX690 for his new PC, so any upgrade I can afford will pale in comparison. 🙁 First-World-Problems and all that.

  6. I’m interested in seeing what happens to gaming PC’s now, will there be a sudden jump in min specs making it so lots of people need to upgrade? and if so will they just pick up a console?

    Personally I think I’ll be picking up a PS4 and upgrading my PC when 2014 rolls round.

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