Towers Crumble in Battlefield 4: Siege of Shanghai Multiplayer Trailer

You guys probably knew this was coming, but after Battlefield 4’s strong showing at the EA press conference yesterday, there’s no way I could pass up sharing this.

DICE showed off a 64-player Conquest mode match on a map based in Shanghai, displaying the revamped Commander mode (which you can do through a tablet as well as in-game), Levolution, and a few things besides. While the gameplay is live, the players are quite obviously following a script, but overall it’s a great trailer. Have a watch!

So yeah, consider me super impressed by Battlefield 4! EA had a great press conference, even if they did spend a little too long on sports (which I understand, even if it’s the genre of games I find the least interesting). What do you guys think of Battlefield 4’s multiplayer? Looking good?

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6 thoughts on “Towers Crumble in Battlefield 4: Siege of Shanghai Multiplayer Trailer”

  1. The cool thing is that next-gen consoles will have feature parity with PC this time around, something that wasn’t the case in Battlefield 3.

    64-player madness!

  2. I am conflicted. Beforehand the trailers had no appeal for me. It looked the exact same as BF3. Now looking at this multiplayer footage, it shows me everything I wanted in BF3 but didn’t get: the large-scale destruction, the >4 player squads, the counter melee kill (which was seen before in a BF3 trailer), the intuitiveness. Why should I get the new installment when the new installment should have been what was delivered last time? Then again, it looks pretty good….

  3. @Utaki I think that Battlefield 3 was hamstrung by the current (last?) generation of consoles. It sucks that DICE couldn’t deliver on their promises, but I’ve gotten almost 300+ hours of enjoyment out of BF3 so I can’t complain too much.

  4. I have to say, I did play a bit of BF3 on the PS3 and it was alright but I just couldn’t keep the interest. I think, as @Mitch said, it was largely due to the limitations of the hardware on the PS3 and 360. To hear that there’s feature pairity with PC for nextgen is awesome. 64 player battles on the console will be a blast. I feel like this is what BF3 should have been but after seeing the stream of EA showcasing the multiplayer, while they followed a script, it was soo cool to see. I like that there’s larger squad size and the Commander mode that can be done with a tablet or touchscreen device looks really intuitive and an awesome new feature. I’m actually really stoked about this game. Also, I’m not sure how much truth there is to this but I saw something about the PS4 having native keyboard and mouse support along with the controllers so that would be awesome to play this on the PS4 with a keyboard and mouse!

  5. After the conference I was really looking forward to this. I may need to get some practice in BF3 to get used to the BF mechanics again. I’ve been playing too much TF2 recently.
    Also, playersbro, if games this gen will have mouse and keyboard functionality, I will be very happy.

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