Sony E3 2013 Press Conference Highlights

PS4 E3

Now that Microsoft has sounded off this morning, it’s time for Sony to jump in with their own version of what the next generation of video gaming should look like. As these things tend to go, the conference had its share of highs, lows, hyperbole, hype and exciting moments. But most of all, some shots fired at Microsoft.

Many people said that this year was Sony’s to lose. So how did they do?

  • Sony started things with a PS3 games lineup montage, of all things. The Last of Us, Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, Gran Turismo 6. It’s cool to see that they’ve got so many exciting games out for the console that people still own.
  • Continuing with PS3 games: Arkham Origins extended trailer. Lots of gameplay, more story glimpses. Still hard for me to tell that this game is a prequel… and was that Mark Hamill’s Joker we heard at the end? If not, it’s a very good impersonator.
  • PS4 time. We finally get to see the machine. Surprising nobody at all, it’s a black box. The design is interesting, although it doesn’t look like it belongs on my entertainment center.
  • Video time. I’m having weird Microsoft event flashes. This feels like the wrong conference, although I know Sony has recently restructured their entertainment division, so I’m sure that’s part of what’s driving this.
  • A new IP was shown off called The Order. Steampunk setting in 1886, with guns and monsters. The setting looked interesting, but I was kind of disappointed that it was a shooter. Was running all in-engine, though.
  • Montage of new PS4 games. Killzone:Shadowfall and inFamous: Second Son, which actually looked awesome, whereas inFamous has never really interested me all that much. Killzone’s coming out at launch and Second Sons in Q1!
  • Quantic Dream shows off Dark Sorcerer, running in real time. It’s got lots of magic and is impressive looking, but it’s not a game. Not sure if it’s a gag, or just a demonstration of PS4 tech? Um, how long did they spend on this?
  • Supergiant Games comes out to debut some gameplay of Transistor, making its console debut on PS4. Remember when Microsoft used to be the publisher for indie titles? Looks like they’re hopping ship to Sony.
  • And right on cue, we’re getting more about indie games! Not only is Sony embracing the concept of an open platform, they’re also letting developers self publish their own content. This is Sony opening their arms wide to indies. Very cool. New additions include a spattering of talent like Clay Entertainment (Mark of the Ninja fame), Tribute Games (Mercenary Kings), Young Horses (Octodad), Ragtag Studios, Red Barrels (Outlast), and 17 Bit Games (Galaxy). Interestingly enough, they also showed off some of Oddworld Inhabitants, if you remember those awesome games.
  • Tetsuya Nomura confirms that Final Fantasy Versus XIII exists (lol) and then debuts a new trailer… which turns out to be Final Fantasy Versus XIII, renamed as Final Fantasy XV. Lots of insanity, cities crumbling, dudes zipping around with swords and even some mild platforming. The gameplay looks very interesting, but it’s most decidedly not a Final Fantasy game in terms of combat and tone. After that weirdness, Nomura also debuts another game… Kingdom Hearts 3! I’m not excited, but I know many will be.
  • A dude comes out to play Assassin’s Creed 4. It looks like more Assassin’s Creed, but now with pirates, I guess. And still follow missions! Annnnd then the demo died on Live TV. Oops.
  • Watch Dogs is next. I’m tired of seeing this game. Not because I think it’s lame but because I want to PLAY it. I don’t want to watch it anymore. The demo shows off some new stuff, some hacking, etc. But the most impressive thing is just how alive the whole city looks, especially indoors.
  • Next up is a trailer for Elder Scrolls Online. I wasn’t expecting to see this on consoles, but it’s not too surprising. The beta is coming to PS4 first. It doesn’t look like my cup of tea, and seems pretty generic, but maybe you MMO guys can school me on why it’s not.
  • Time for the details. First up: Sony announces that Playstation 4 plays used games! Share them with your friends (Sony demonstrates in this hilarious video), sell them to stores, other peoples, your dog, whatever you want. No restrictions! No always-on requirements! Lots of PSN Plus content! The crowd goes wild, which is pretty funny that we’re at a point where enough companies do so much bullshit that we have to celebrate when people get it right.
  • Destiny! Bungie dudes traverse their way from a beautiful outdoor environment to… a boring, dark series of corridors. I’ll admit, I’m not too jazzed about what I’m seeing from the game, which borrows a lot from Borderlands, until the Public Event starts. Suddenly, a ship explodes into the atmosphere, and now several parties from other games are joining and are all taking on this instance that joins all of them together at once. It’s amazing, random and looks like the stuff dreams are made of.
  • Now Sony announces that their new cloud service will be available in 2014. Available to PS4 and Vita users to stream PS3 games. Not bad.
  • And now the big reveal: The price of the Playstation 4 is $399! I have to wonder if they figured this out after the MS presser, or if that’s always been the price point. Either way, it looks like Microsoft’s decision to put a Kinect in every single console could come back to hurt them in a big way.

And that’s all she wrote for the Sony press event. What did you guys think of the games shown? What did you think of the price point? Personally, I love the variety shown at the Sony press event, and I have to say being able to play used games is a definite bonus. What say you guys?

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9 thoughts on “Sony E3 2013 Press Conference Highlights”

  1. While watching Sony twist the knife was amusing, the whole used DRM doesn’t affect me.The games they showed don’t really interest me in the slightest, and the ones that did only had teasers. I’ll wait on the PS4 to get more games that I care about, I’m sure I’ll end up with one eventually. For now, I’m getting the XBox One.

  2. I’m fairly certain it was announced that Troy Baker was the voice of the Joker in this game, His going to be competing against himself in the voice actor awards this year.

  3. Sony definitely knocked it outta the park and put rest the worry of DRM and always online requirements, as well as letting us keep, share, and play used games! I so tried not to gloat or clap along with the stream but it feels so relieving as funny as it sounds. Sony listened to us. It was kind of hilarious to see the shit eating grin spread across Tretton’s face when he announced it all. I love that they want to help indie devs share their ideas and passions, and some of what they showcased for gaming definitely had me excited. That price point too… To Sony I say, “Bravo!” This feels like a great moment in gaming, however foolish it may sound. It’s been a great first day of E3! The Division has me so intrigued. Do want. To Mitch I say, “How about that Battlefield 4 demo?!”

  4. Ill start with the Bad –

    PS Plus mandatory for online multiplayer now.
    Assassins Creed dying live.
    Sony’s TV thing, so live action Sony franchises like MS?
    Very Little Vita
    Little dissapointed that The Order is some form of shooter.
    Quantic Dream video, Funny, Beautiful, Like their Kara short. But doesn’t belong here.

    The Good- Everything else.

    A few multiplats, some beautiful looking Killzone, Infamous, Driveclub etc.
    Indie titles galore. What the hell is Octodad? i dont know yet but i need it.
    Square Enix drops bombs. Final Fantasy 15 and KH3. I melt. CGI? i dont care. mmmmmmm
    Desitny looks boring as crap…until the public event drops and all hell breaks loose
    Sony reveals used games, and no drm. Crowd literally roars, people actually chanting Sony.
    $399, spectacular. More chanting.

    Overall id say that Sony’s conference is one of the better ones that ive seen for a few years. Mandatory PS Plus for online multiplayer stings a little, but im happy to trade that for used games, no DRM, and the launch price. But seriously, i screamed like a little girl when i saw KH.

  5. Yeah, Troy Baker is the new Joker. I haven’t heard it yet, but I’m glad they decided to go for a dead ringer to Hamill’s Joker as opposed to a new take.

    Speaking of Destiny, I like how Bungie has come from nothing to probably one of the most widely-recognized game studios in the world…and still has trouble deciding whether they want their games to take place outside in beautiful environments or in shitty corridors.

    And yeah, @playersbro…DAT BATTLEFIELD 4 DEMO! Sure, it was 64 people following a script, but they showed off some cool stuff! I can only imagine packing six people into an elevator is a C4 trap just waiting to happen, though.

  6. I was very surprised that Sony were able to fight back so well. I rank both conferences equally in terms of quality. I don’t really know what specifically to talk about.
    I guess the Transistor bit was pretty cool (despite having seen the trailer ages ago) and the push towards enticing indie devs is great.
    The games they showed off all look great and have promise.
    Apart from that, KH3: Awesome;
    Multiplayer requiring Plus is: Debatable considering Plus comes with quite a bit of stuff anyway;
    Destiny is Brderlands with more people, so: Awesome and;
    The thing is affordable! £350! Yay! None of this £420 Sony pulled before and MS are pulling now.

  7. Honestly, I don’t even have to see any games from Sony at E3 this year. We all know there will be a new God Of War, Uncharted, Gran Turismo, etc. Sony OWNS the first party battle and this is what made my decision a long time ago. PLUS IT’S CHEAPER THAN THE XBOX! I would gladly have paid $499 for this thing so Sony has completely satisfied me with the price point. PS4 is the way to go.

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