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Now that both Microsoft and Sony’s next generation consoles have been revealed, there’s been much hemming and hawing here at GamerSushi over what would make us buy one of the new devices. Sure, there are neat features between each one, like the Xbox One’s three operating systems so you can “alt+tab” your console now, or the PlayStation 4’s streaming services, but there’s nothing that’s really made one console stand out over the other.

That said, there might be something announced at E3 that would completely change my mind about one of the new consoles that would make it a “must have” for me. I’m not talking about games, because I already have a PC (although InFamous might sway me), and let’s face it, both of these consoles will have games at some point. No, I’m talking about something that makes you stand up and say “that is so awesome, I can’t believe nobody’s built that in yet”.

So, my question to you guys is: what’s the magic feature that would make you shell out your hard earned cash for either the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4? This can be something that Microsoft and Sony have already said “no” to, like backwards compatibility, or things like that.

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  1. Really the big thing for me is the 15 exclusive titles (8 being new IP’s) that Microsoft is talking about. There were no games that remotely interested me at the PS4 conference, so to me the two systems are on even playing fields game wise (although a loud part of the internet would strongly disagree with me). If Microsoft comes out and shows some really damn good looking exclusives, I will be extremely pumped. The hint of an old Rare franchise coming back is exciting as well, (a new Banjo Kazooie would be an awesome add to the line up, giving MS a good platformer). I hope Sony has some new IP’s to show off (Bungie’s multiplatform Destiny doesn’t count), because while Sony has more exclusive IP’s, only Uncharted really carries any weight for me any more (which I actually don’t want more games of, I’d like to see Naughty Dog working on new things like Last of Us).

    When it comes to the software part of the systems I’m much more excited about the Xbox, as the atrocious XMB Sony has stuck with doesn’t give me high hopes for their next design, but if they come out and show something that’s a lot more innovative they’ll have my attention.

    All in all I’m very excited for E3, and while I tend to lean Xbox due to the fact they always tend to have more of what I care about, I’m open to both systems (I own both PS3 and 360). Hopefully we’ll see a magic feature or two that will get me out of my chair and pre-ordering immediately.

  2. Current gen I had a 360, and before that I had a PS2. This coming gen, I’m swapping back to Sony and planning on grabbing a PS4. My decision is essentially made thanks to Microsoft, who are making Kinect compulsory and have several rumours floating around the internet about always online and fees for used game. I feel like they are sort of betraying people who play video games by introducing these almost fascist ‘rules’ for owning a video game console.

    Furthermore, I am hoping Sony extends their Playstation+ service to the PS4, with a variety of free games available as it is now. Playstation+ trumps Xbox Live in every way in my opinion, and my experience with Xbox Live over the past years with my 360 has only been mediocre.

  3. If I even opt to get a Next Gen Console, it will be dependent almost solely on what games it has for me too. If the next FF/ME or any of my other favourites are only on one system and not on the PC then that will probably be the system for me.

  4. I’m leaning towards PS4…but that is probably more due to me being a Playstation guy than anything else. I do like that Sony is abandoning the Cell Processor type to the x86-64 Processor type though… this will be an immense relief to all the developers because they will have a more familiar platform to write on, and maybe it will help draw more exclusive IPs to PS4. Plus it will be easier for them to port over games from PC or Xbox. Remember how much of a disaster the Orange Box was when it was ported over to PS3 from EA? That was because Valve didn’t want to learn the complex Cell Architecture, so they subbed it out to EA to figure out.

    I’m also really interested to see how this whole…play the game while it downloads scenario will work out. For Sony’s sakes….they better ensure they have the highest quality equipment and have several layers of redundancy’s…because if that doesn’t work well in the first month of it’s release, people will abandon it.

    As far as backwards compatibility goes….keep your old system, and just play the games on that. The reason for the new console, is to play ‘new’ games, not old ones. And for Sony to focus on making the system backward compatible would be a waste of time & money for them.

    And finally, the ‘attack’ on used games….I really don’t see why a lot of people are pointing the finger at Sony & Microsoft for this. It’s likely pressure from game devs, because they don’t make money when their game sells when it is ‘used.’ There are a lot of gamers out there who won’t buy games ‘new’, they wait until ‘used’ copies are available. It is a smart thing to do, because of the money that is saved. But it screws over the developer, who isn’t getting shit for all the effort and money they spent to get the game to the player. Support the developers, and buy games new…we need to keep good developers funded so that they can continue to make great games.
    Oh yeah…who is going to get a Steambox….and will it derail Xbox & PS4? I’d love to see more detail on Valve’s system soon…will it be at E3?

  5. @Drell

    The 15 exclusives has me intrigued, and Microsoft recently got back the rights to use the Killer Instinct name, so i would be surprised if the new Rare franchise isn’t that (although i don’t want the current Rare working on it). But the term “exclusives” is used with Kinect and Live games as well, so im not going to get excited only to be crushed at E3. Plus the whole “required internet, used game fees” debacle gives my money to Sony automatically. The upside is that i can go to a friend’s house whilst he is playing his X1 and yell “XBOX OFF” and laugh at his misery.

    A cool addition would be some sort of incentives for trophies/achievements. Something simple like free themes/avatars/etc for getting to a certain amount, Nothing too major. The rest is fine, BC doesn’t really worry me. Final Fantasy Versus 13 would make me cry tears of joy.

  6. @Vanilla Bear
    While I know it’s an important issue for some (and definitely something that needs to be cleared up), I think the majority of the people who complain about the used game/required internet issues are people who aren’t even effected by it. I haven’t played a single game without my console or PC connected to the Internet in years, and I can’t tell you the last time I bought a used game, I would go as far to say that most of my fellow hardcore gamers are the same way.

  7. Drell,

    I felt the same way you did about always-online…until Simcity. After that, I think it is a mistake. My Internet doesn’t conk out anymore. But EA’s did because of the overwhelming demand on their servers. And everyone was affected by it.

    As for used games, I buy them very rarely, but I think the numbers support that many people do. It’s a good way to try cheap games. I just think the publisher should get a cut.

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