GamerSushi Asks: Who Should Make An Iron Man Game?

Iron Man Game

It’s no wonder why licensed games sell well: even as I was still sat in the theater watching Iron Man 3, I thought to myself, “Man, I really want to play a good Iron Man game!”

It’s fun to think about: what weapons and abilities you could use, whether the suit would take cosmetic damage or whether there is enough money in the world to get Robert Downey Jr to voice act in the game (spoiler: there isn’t). Not to mention what villains would appear, what the structure of the game would be, etc… There is a lot to juggle in something like this. I personally think an open-world game, like Infamous or Arkham City would be best. Just think of it like Far Cry 3 or Mercenaries: give me a big open world, lots of things to do and let me play. Maybe even throw in some War Machine for 2-player co-op goodness and it can’t miss!

But who would you trust with such an undertaking? Rocksteady proved they can handle superheroes with the Arkham series and so did Sucker Punch with Infamous. What about Volition? Saint’s Row 3 was pure gaming goodness and making a fun playground is something that is right up their alley. Hell, Visceral’s Dead Space series showed how well they can a 3rd person shooter, so why not give them a chance?

There are a number of great developers who could make this work, but I want to know who you think could do it best and what should be in the game. Sushians: ASSEMBLE…for comments!

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5 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Who Should Make An Iron Man Game?”

  1. Upgradeable armor please! If im cruising around New York, i want to see other marvel heroes appear every now and then dynamically rather than scripted. Stopping a bank robbery only to have Thor appear and hammer fools with you would be spectacular. Better yet, an Avengers game made by Rockstar. Since you can cycle between 3 different characters in the upcoming GTA V, why not cycle between the Avengers?

  2. Rogue Squadron 2 era Factor 5 would make a killer Iron Man game.

    Realistically though, any developer with decent chops could conceivably turn out a decent game about ‘ol Shellhead, provided they have more than a year to work on it.

  3. Anthony, IIRC they had less than two years to make the game which is sad. That and I’m sure they had an extremely limited budget to work with. Any half decent team could pull it off I’m sure, it’s just few licensed games are allowed time and money because they sell well regardless.

  4. I haven’t tried it myself but there is an Iron Man mod for GTA IV which is meant to be pretty fun.

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