Pixel Count: Next Gen Considerations

We’ve talked at length about the mystical, nebulous “next generation” here quite a bit recently, and it only makes sense — new machines are dropping on us left and right, with the next XBox reveal to take place just one week from today. And while we’ve already spoken about what we think is most important in the next generation, I thought we’d revisit that topic in a more practical approach.

While I’ve been saying that I won’t partake in the next generation for some time, there are admittedly a few sticking points that could make me change my mind. I love the IPs that Microsoft has at its disposal. But I love the gamer-centric approach that Sony is taking with the PlayStation 4. As always, the right games at the right time can do wonders, but right now I still want to see what these machines cost, and what their long-term plans are. And then of course there’s the Wii U… which… yeah.

So let’s vote and talk about the next generation consoles in the comments. Go!

What is most important about the next gen consoles?

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6 thoughts on “Pixel Count: Next Gen Considerations”

  1. Give me a sensible price and you have my attention. If it’s too expensive, how will I upgrade my PC?

  2. Ideally we’d have all of the above. Some of the options you’ve got there are good for launch but others are good for longevity for instance, no one will care about the launch lineup in two years but it might be the social features that keep them engaged.

    I assumed it was interest for launch so I voted launch line up. Even at a good price point if there were no good games there would be no point in buying it.

  3. I’d say a solid launch lineup will move some units. Really, it’ll just be up-rezzed versions of Watch_Dogs and CoD: Ghosts, but if those are solid it might convince some people to upgrade.

    A low price would be nice, but I’m betting that MS and Sony won’t want to go lower than $399.

    1. Adaminator do you have a particular console you’re favoring over the other? And what games might convince you to go day one?

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