Papers, Please Has Been Accepted by Steam Greenlight

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Usually we don’t give a lot of attention to Steam Greenlight titles around here, but this one is worth talking about. Papers, Please, a “Dystopian Document Thriller” has been accepted via the Greenlight process and will become a real game in the next while. For those unfimiliar with the game, you play a border guard in the fictional nation of Arstotzka in the early 1980s.

Arstotzka has just finished a war with its neighboring country Kolechia and has recently reopened its borders and it’s up to you to keep up with an increasingly complex series of security checks as hundreds of people try to cross the border. The mechanics of the game are fairly simple: a person hands you documents and you need to check them against certain things to make sure everything is on the up-and-up. You need to be conscious of the issuing date, whether or not the picture matches, if the issuing city actually exists in the issuing country, that kind of thing.

There are things that will trip you up, like a girl who warns you that the man behind her in line is plotting on selling her into slavery, but his papers are in order, so do you let him in or turn him away? You get two notices before the Ministry of Admission starts docking your pay, and you need all the money to keep your extended family warm, fed and healthy.

If you want to try out the Papers, Please Beta, you can check it out on the creator’s website by clicking the highlighted words. I highly recommend it. Have any Sushians played this game?

Papers, Please Steam page.

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5 thoughts on “Papers, Please Has Been Accepted by Steam Greenlight”

  1. Say, Did anybody let by that guy that kept coming back with the obvious fake Visa, Passport, ID, ETC?
    I found it pretty funny how persistent he was in trying to get into the country. LOL

  2. Downloaded the beta after seeing this. It is oddly addicting. In fact all of my roommates came over to watch. Granted they also came over to watch cross country canada for an hour.

  3. Its pretty difficult, i find that on some occasions where ive inspected just about everything, i still get a bad letter saying the picture looked nothing like the person. Quite fun though

  4. @ Vanilla Bear

    Also how the game trashes you on questioning whether or not the Person’s Gender is the same as the passport? When I press the interrogate the button, they just say ‘it is as it appears on the passport’
    How do I interpret whether or not to let them in? Still Quite Fun like you said.

  5. @powen I think before you get the body scanner you just have to guess. I got caught by that a few times too, and even after I got the scanner I still had an internal debate every time the gender on the passport didn’t match.

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