Pixel Count: EA Meets Star Wars

The big news of the week so far happens to be the semi-bombshell that EA and Disney signed an exclusive deal for Star Wars games yesterday, meaning that EA’s various developing arms will have sole access to the enormous Star Wars universe. While there is some skepticism rightly reserved for allowing the floundering EA to tackle a property that so many love and hold dear, especially after some huge missteps, I think it’s OK to have a little hope here.

When you break it down, what other publishing Goliath in the industry has the number of varied, talented developers in their portfolio that EA does? I can see an argument for Activision, but that’s the only one that even comes close to rivaling the kind of talent of DICE, Bioware, Maxis, Popcap, Criterion and Visceral. So we have reason to feel two ways about this. But for now, let’s dream a little.

So here’s this week’s Pixel Count. Hit up the poll and tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Pixel Count: EA Meets Star Wars”

  1. As much as I’d love to see DICE tackle Star Wars, it’s been too long since we’ve had a proper X-Wing game. There’s enough FPS titles to go around that I don’t think anyone would mind all that much.

    On the other hand, I’d play SimCoruscant.

  2. “Your Simperials need more water!”

    I would love to see Bioware do an RPG that fills in the story between Episode VI and VII.

  3. I am so excited for this, I just want them all. If I had to pick one I’d choose Bioware’s RPG, because it’s Bioware and I’m biased, however I used to love Rogue Squadron on the 64 so I would also like to see another space combat game.

  4. KOTOR to this day remains my favorite game of all time. I was so disappointed with TOR. I wish they had just made a KOTOR 3 T_T instead of spending so much money on an MMO.

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