Star Command Trailer and Next-Gen Xbox Announcement

After a long wait, the Kickstater-backed iOS title Star Command finally came out today. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, Star Command is sort of a combination of Game Dev Story and FTL where you take control of a spaceship and its crew. There’s permanent crew death as well, so, much like XCOM: Enemy Unknown, prepare to get crushed when your little sprite crewmen die by getting sucked out of the airlock. Here’s the release trailer to get your interest piqued:

Hit the jump to read about the announcement plans for the next-gen Xbox.

In other news, Microsoft will officially enter the next generation on May 21 when it reveals the successor to the Xbox 360. There’s no name given to the new console just the fact that at 10am on, Xbox LIVE and SPIKE TV you’ll be able to watch the whole event broadcast from the Xbox campus at Microsoft’s headquarters.

What do you guys think about the next Xbox? What will Microsoft show? Will we get to see any games (aside from Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4, both of which have teased an apperance)? Are you going to pick up Star Command? Go!

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  1. Im not having high hopes for MS’s reveal. Something about the combination of always online, upgraded kinect, focus on services, and Microsoft’s silence on everything ever has me feeling a little nervous. And if one single celebrity or dance act takes the stage i will be extremely dissapointed. Still, i could be pleasantly surprised.

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