Ni No More Kuni For Me

Ni No Kuni

I am done with Ni No Kuni.

No, I haven’t finished it. I’m just done with it. After stopping for a month to play Bioshock Infinite (twice) and Tomb Raider, the thought of going back to Ni No Kuni was enough to make my body recoil in revulsion. I wasn’t sure why, but I had a similar feeling when I stopped Ni No Kuni the first time in order to play Dead Space 3. But once I started playing again, I found it surprisingly easy to get back into the swing of things. I put 24 hours into it before I took my month-long break.

But just like last time, I decided to throw it back into the old PS3 and see if my sudden aversion to the game would dissipate once I got going again. It didn’t. The moment I started playing I wanted to stop. The first battle I got into was literally the last battle I ever wanted to play in this game, which I think is the crux of the problem. I love the characters, the world and the story, but the battle system, while tolerable for the first 20 or so hours, just suddenly hit a wall for me. I love everything else about this game except for the battle system. I thought back to some of the tedious boss battles I had been through and I knew I didn’t want any part of that again. In the end, they were more of a chore than enjoyable.

So I traded it in ($32.95 at Amazon!) and the moment I put it in the mail, I felt a burden leave my shoulders. I don’t know why I feel such pressure to finish games, it is something I am starting to fight back against and I think I am better for it. As we get older, we start to know ourselves better and streamline the things from our life that make us unhappy and that’s what I did with Ni No Kuni. It was fun while it lasted and I am glad I played it, but I don’t need to play a second more. But I do plan on spending an afternoon on YouTube to watch some more of those gorgeous cut-scenes. I already miss Drippy, but the Lord High Lord of the Fairies would want me to be happy with my decision. And I am.

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  1. I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing, although I’d like to give it another shot. I’m 20 hours in, and I love it, but man those battles are extremely rough. I might see about bumping the difficulty down or something and see if that makes it any more tolerable.

  2. You’re a better gamer than I. Once I pass that 12 hour mark with games I feel let down by, I just move on to something better… Or I go crawling back to Mass Effecf 3.

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