Get Your Popcorn Ready: E3 2013 News Round-Up

E3 2013

Is it already close to that time of year again? The time when all the gaming news outlets start revving their engines in preparation for E3? Seems like it.

The big show is still a few months away, but we’re already getting little bits of information about what to expect from some of the big three console developers. While we’ve already gotten Sony’s rundown of the PlayStation 4, we can expect a few more details in terms of launch date and price, along with a few more morsels of actual gameplay.

But what about the other two? As for Microsoft, some of the recent rumors have proven to be true — the next XBox reveal is set for May 21, which means that E3 will be all about Microsoft showing off a “full line-up of blockbuster gaming experiences”. So yeah, lots of Kinect stuff, probably.

As for Nintendo’s big E3 news? Well, there won’t be any. That’s right, Nintendo is ducking out of its E3 press conference, opting instead for their smaller Nintendo Direct presentations. One wonders if the really awful Wii U sales, as well as Nintendo’s inability to properly convey what the Wii U experience actually is at the last couple of E3 shows are to blame for this.

So that’s the round-up from this week. What are you guys expecting from these guys at E3? Which one are you most excited to learn more about? Sound off!

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3 thoughts on “Get Your Popcorn Ready: E3 2013 News Round-Up”

  1. I’m kinda glad to see Nintendo jump ship on E3. The quality of that expo has been dropping every year, and Nintendo knows that they can get all the press they want with Nintendo Direct, rather than having to share it with Microsoft, Sony, and every other dev during E3.

  2. Man I’m excited for E3. The rumor mill for the new Xbox will finally come to an end, I don’t have to sit through a cringefest Nintendo conference (although that’s a dumb move on their part not to have one) and finally we’ll be seeing hard facts about the new systems that are finally here. In the words of Robert Baratheon, start the damn conference before I piss me-self!

  3. I don’t understand Nintendo: they admit that people don’t know what the Wii U is, but are opting to skip out on the most widely-covered gaming event of the year. The mainstream press reports on E3 quite a bit now. Do they expect their Nintendo Directs to get the message across because those aren’t reported by mainstream media at all.

    And I don’t see them holding big events like Sony’s PS4 announcement or the upcoming Microsoft event.

    Strange days, indeed.

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