The GamerSushi Show, Ep 68: Fill in the Cast

gamersushi show episode 68

As we inch ever closer to Episode 69, the Return of the Drunk Cast, I bring you this, Episode 68, which has a bit of a different format than previous shows. First, Eddy and I start off with an extended intro where we talk my genetic inability to lie on account of my nationality, and how Eddy knows a guy who has done a lot of cool voice acting.

Then, when Jeff joins the cast we kick into a talk about Heroes on Xbox LIVE, SimCity descending even further into a well of idiocy, and then we bring back Fill in the Blank. You can see the topics below, and as you can image we had some good discussions.

You know the deal, listen, rate and come back next week (hopefully) for the Drunk Cast!

0:00 – 14:44 Intro
14:25 – 21:24 Microsoft is bringing back Heroes on Xbox LIVE
21:25 – 24:29 SimCity adds Colgate-sponsored DLC
24:30 – 25:19 GAME TIME (Fill in the Blank)
25:20 – 40:17 Valve refunding Bioshock Infinite after a customer complained about it based on religious reasons is _____
40:18 – 48:42 Ubisoft Montreal CEO thinks gamers are ready for always online. He’s ___
48:43 – 55:20 Video game prequels underperforming is ______
55:21 – 58:41 Link to the Past 2 and trading in the Xbox 360
58:42 – 1:00:34 Outro

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4 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 68: Fill in the Cast”

  1. What buzzy things? We definitely don’t have those in central Canada either..

    I also suddenly have $3 credit from GMG. Buying my patience for the Bioshock Infinite pre-order cash back thing. They offer refunds for games that don’t come with steam keys if you just install them on their “capsule”. It’s a step in the right direction I think.

  2. Only got around to listening to this now:

    What are these buzzy things? The concept bewilders me, do Americans not verbally communicate with each other?

    Eddy, you mentioned that you know the guy who did Gendo’s english-dub voice. That was really cool. I actually met Matt Greenfield (English dub writer) and Tiffany Grant (Asuka) at a convention last year. They were really cool to talk to.

    Also, your brief talk on religion, guys? It was kinda awesome. It’s great seeing people on the internet who can discuss these things without being douches (r/atheism, of course being the worst offenders). Just thought I’d throw that out there!

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