Nintendo Announces Link to the Past 2 for 3DS

Nintendo’s been hit with a bit of the Legend of Zelda bug as of late, it seems — and I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all. In addition to the HD Wind Waker remake due out this fall, Nintendo has also announced Link to the Past 2, releasing for the 3DS this year.

The sequel to the much loved SNES game debuted during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, introduced by the big Reggie himself. It takes place in the same world as Link to the Past, features some 3D dungeons and even allows link to become a wall drawing in order to solve some puzzles. While I never played Link to the Past (I didn’t own an SNES), I did watch a friend play quite a bit of it. I have no doubt that there are certain GamerSushi fans (and a few of its staff) that are freaking out about this news.

But what say you?

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3 thoughts on “Nintendo Announces Link to the Past 2 for 3DS”

  1. The gameplay shown looks really interesting. I can’t wait to see what they do with the puzzles. Glad to see more Zelda on my 3DS.

  2. I didn’t exactly fall head over heels in love with A Link to the Past, but Nintendo is pushing me ever closer towards a 3DS purchase. Now all they need is a masterfully-crafted remake of Majora’s Mask and I’m 100% sold.

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