The Various Versions of BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite was announced a long time ago in gamer terms: 2010 was the first time we heard about the world of Columbia in any official sense (Irrational had been referring to the game as Project: Icarus before that). Even though we’ve known about it for three years, we can assume it’s been in development for much longer than that. Naturally, any game with a long gestation cycle will undergo a lot of changes, and BioShock Infinite is no exception. The folks over at Outside Xbox have a short video detailing the ways that Infinite has progressed ever since we first laid eyes on it, and I thought I’d share it with you for this week’s “Did You See This” Wednesday.

Even though we at GamerSushi are extremely happy with the end product, it’s crazy to think what could have been. BioShock Infinite isn’t wildly different in its final form, but Elizabeth’s powers were more broad in scope and the combat arenas were much more open and dynamic than they were in the final game. What do you guys think? Happy with how Infinite turned out? What features from 2010 would you like to have seen stay in the game?

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3 thoughts on “The Various Versions of BioShock Infinite”

  1. I’m perfectly fine with the way it is, I think they ensured it was more refined and focused for the final version. Granted the internet is gonna whine and complain (that was what they were promised in marketing so they got cheated! *eye roll*).

  2. I have no problems with the final version of the game. Some of the earlier stuff looked really cool, but I always assumed what we saw would be toned down by the time we actually played it. Here’s looking forward to seeing what they can achieve with their next work of art. Maybe some of the ideas they had for Infinite can be achieved in a few more years?

  3. Of course, very often stuff from trailers and old demo footage doesn’t make it into the final game, but this was pretty extreme. I can’t imagine how frustrating it was to have so much to say and so many ideas that seemed so awesome, only to have to keep reshaping the scenes and apparently entire game mechanics. It’s crazy how much this game accomplishes even with all of this on the cutting floor.

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