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With Blood Dragon coming out soon for FarCry 3, I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about DLC. It’s hard to imagine several things about the scenario that resulted in one of the year’s top sellers creating an 80s-themed sci-fi story: 1) that someone would have this idea and feel strongly enough about it to 2) pitch it to suits who would then 3) agree to make the damn thing.

Taking beloved mechanics and applying them to a wild shift in setting is fascinating, and it made me start thinking about the types of DLC we have available to us. From simple add-ons like weapons and maps to full-blown sequel-bridging epilogues, DLC has really come a long way in the last few years. While there are some bad apples, it seems that developers for the most part are starting to be more creative about what they offer, and when.

So that being said, let me hit you up with a poll. Vote and tell us about your favorite DLCs in the comments!

Which Type of DLC Do You Prefer?

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3 thoughts on “Pixel Count: The Best DLC”

  1. If it’s a game that has its story wrapped up at then end, then I want same world, new stories (like Infinite). If it’s not and it’s a game that has a story I care about, I want an epilogue. If it’s a game that had great gameplay and mechanics but lackluster story, I want gameplay shifts (Far Cry 3).

  2. I am preemptively voting for gameplay shifts because Blood Dragon looks amazing. Also, Undead Nightmare was awesome. I wish I had played Festival of Blood for inFamous 2, though.

  3. I didn’t care for Undead Nightmare, so I am going with More of what you love. The Fallout 3 DLC was a blast.

    Mitch, you can still play Infamous FoB. It’s standalone.

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