GamerSushi Community Night: CS: GO

Counter-Strike: GO

It’s that time again, Sushians.

We’re hosting another community night next weekend, and we want as many of you as possible to join us, because fragging fellow Sushians makes for a good evening. Over the last couple of game nights, we’ve jumped headfirst into Team Fortress 2 and Goldeneye Source — and this time we’ll be going back to our roots in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

So yeah. Tell us in the comments which night this weekend would be good for you guys (although Saturday always seems to be the best night for everyone), and we’ll make this thing happen. And if you haven’t, join up at our GS Steam Group so you can get updates as we near the time/date.

Who’s in?

Update: This is happening tonight, April 20, at 10pm CST! Let’s have some fun, dudes. We’ll post the server IP closer to game time.

Server IP:

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  1. Can safely say that I’ll be free anytime during the whole weekend, but as stated, Saturday is a prime time for me. I get done with work for the week, so what better way to unwind than this? Look forward to some CS:GO with everybody :D!

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