Pixel Count: What Franchise Should Rocksteady Tackle Next?

With the news this morning that the newly announced Batman: Arkham Origins will not be developed by Rocksteady studios, that got me thinking: what licensed franchise should they work on next? I had a brainwave yesterday when I was thinking about Star Wars games not being helmed by LucasArts anymore, and came up with a couple options, including a few more ideas pitched by fellow GamerSushi editor Anthony.

Rocksteady’s trade is in tight melee combat, brilliant world-building and set decoration. They took an overlooked license like Batman and made Arkham City, one of the best games of this generation. With that kind of talent, what other franchise could they work their magic with?

What Franchise Should Rocksteady Tackle Next?

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3 thoughts on “Pixel Count: What Franchise Should Rocksteady Tackle Next?”

  1. I’d like some Game of Thrones action. Maybe something set during the Age of Heroes to flesh out the history of the universe?

  2. Double Dragon sounds like a match made in heaven for a developer that undoubtedly perfected melee combat.

  3. Watchmen. They got the DC license already, and they would be absolutely perfect for the game. I would love to play through some of Rorschach and Nite Owl’s early team-ups along with other early stories in the Watchmen universe (a mission playing as the original Nite Owl would make this nerd go into cardiac arrest). The ability to play as each (probably not Dr. Manhattan) Watchman would vary up the gameplay, and with Rocksteady’s nack for melee combat, it would be extremely fun. Rocksteady has proved that they have great respect for source material, so a comic-looking Watchmen game would do well under them. The fact that the Before Watchmen comic prequel series just wrapped up makes it ripe for a new addition to the universe. Sure, Alan Moore will hate it, but doesn’t he hate everything? Maybe if they put a rape scene in it he’ll be happy…

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