The GamerSushi Show, Ep 66: A Terrible Mitchstake

gamersushi show ep 66 bioshock infinite

There was a shocking amount of things to talk about this week on The GamerSushi Show, with what might be the most high-profile game release of the year hitting this week. BioShock Infinite takes up a good chunk of the cast, along with the latest entry in Gears of War series (which is actually pretty fun).

For news, we break down the trailers that came out this week at GDC and the fact that Square Enix’s CEO stepped down. It’s a righteous cast, and we hope you enjoy! You know what to do: listen, rate and we’ll see you next time!

0:00 – 3:51 Intro
3:52 – 18:12 BioShock Infinite
18:13 – 24:59 Gears of War: Judgement
25:00 – 30:56 Counter-Strike: GO and Mass Effect on PC
30:57 – 40:44 Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada Steps Down
40:45 – 53:36 Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain
53:37 – 1:01:41 Battlefield 4
1:01:42 – 1:04:47 Outro

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7 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 66: A Terrible Mitchstake”

  1. Huzzahs all around! The podcast is an elderly person now.

    Elizabeth was good in BioShock Infinite. I was worried that I’d have to babysit her during the game, but she takes care of herself. I wish her pathfinding was a little better, as she tends to get stuck in corners or take weird routes to get to me or to other places (at one point I lost her entirely when on a skyline and Booker initiated dialogue with her when she wasn’t there). I also didn’t like how she would often run through areas. I wasn’t sure if she’d stay close to me or find her own way, but it felt like in the areas where I wanted to explore, she was more inclined to run off towards point B. All in all, though, she’s a good character.

  2. Just out of curiosity, can someone who hasn’t played Bioshock listen to the whole cast? I haven’t had a chance to play it at all yet. Is it merely general chat? Or is there the risk of spoilers? If it’s the latter I’ll have to miss a chunk of the cast. ;.;

    1. We keep the talk pretty general, and don’t really go into spoilers much, especially since the furthest anybody was in the game was about 3 hours at that point. We mostly just talk about the design, the story, etc. Feel free to listen if you want to get all hot and bothered about Infinite.

  3. You guys HAVE to do a Bioshock spoiler cast once you all finish it. Also, as I said in the article relating to it, I think much of Square Enix’s problems have been mismanagement with development times that have gotten too ridiculous and failures such as Final Fantasy 14. You can’t go blaming games that sold over 3 million. Lastly, don’t go singing praises of a light year this year just yet. E3 is not yet here and there are two new consoles releasing this year.

  4. For some reason whenever I see “A Terrible Mitchstake” all I can think of is “What a Horrible Night for a Curse”

  5. Since you guys don’t do “Six Minutes of RE6” anymore and Eddy suggested a new topic to jump into, I think it’d be cool to revisit the “What are you playing” bit that you guys did a lot when the show first started. Each person gets 1 minute to talk about what they’re playing, what they like or don’t like, etc. It’s always interesting to hear the different kinds of games you guys play. Especially Jeff.

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