Trailer Thursday with Metal Gear Solid 5 and Battlefield 4

GDC is going on this week, and apparently Konami and EA were bursting at the seams to announce their games and couldn’t wait for E3 to roll around. Both Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain (a combination of the previously announced Ground Zeroes and, of course, The Phantom Pain) and Battlefield 4 were revealed with accompanying trailers. Metal Gear Solid 5 is just below, with Battlefield 4 after the jump.

I never thought that anyone would be able to outdo Kojima on lengthiness, but Battlefield 4 takes the cake in this instance. There were a lot of neat little gameplay things in the BF4 trailer like the lack of suppression. Not sure if DICE is excluding that until a later build, or what the deal is there.

So what did you guys think of the trailers? Excited for either other these games? What do you think about Metal Gear Solid 5 not having David Hayter?

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2 thoughts on “Trailer Thursday with Metal Gear Solid 5 and Battlefield 4”

  1. The way that Anthony follows final Fantasy for each console generation is the way I follow Metal Gear. Basically I fucking love eve ry piece of it’s nonsensical story, and of course it’s top notch gameplay that consistently delivers an experience that few games could ever hope to offer.
    So as your resident Metal Gear fanboy I’m extremely excited for this next installment.

    As for David Hayter “not being involved”, it has to be a classic Kojima troll right?… Right? I mean it seems extremely odd to drop someone who has been synonymous with the franchise since its initial launch on the PlayStation from seemingly out of nowhere.

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