Pixel Count: Gaming Trends?

After the last few weeks, it’s been hard for me not to be a bit of a gaming grump when it comes to trends in the video game industry. Sometimes it’s easy to look at all the ways the hobby’s changing, from DRM to microtransactions to the idea of games as a service instead of games as a product… and just feel a bit let down.

But then some great games come out like Bioshock: Infinite and Tomb Raider, and you start to feel a bit more hopeful. Like maybe some teams are out there still thinking about us and trying to make games we’ll enjoy. So in that vein, I thought today’s Pixel Count would focus on the positive: what gaming trends do you love about the industry right now! Tell us why in the comments!

What trend are you most excited about in gaming?

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3 thoughts on “Pixel Count: Gaming Trends?”

  1. As an unemployed college student, I have to go with smaller, budget-friendly titles. I can splurge every now and then (I pre-ordered Bioshock Infinite and it’ll be on my doorstep any minute now), but I can’t keep shelling out $60 for games. The steep prices are very disturbing, and frankly, the industry can’t survive much longer if, god forbid, prices go up another 10 dollars next generation.

  2. @trogador, I’m with you on that one. I was lucky enough to preorder the Premium Edition of Bioshock Infinite and pick it up last night on a midnight release. I just can’t afford to spend the 60 bucks on games much, either.

  3. The digital transition. Give me bargain prices for games and a better chance for smaller indie games to see the light of day please!

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