GamerSushi Asks: Avoiding the Avalanche?

Tomb Raider

You’ve been there before. It starts out as a trickle. A game that wasn’t even a blip on your radar, or maybe one that you had never even heard of before, suddenly shows up. Maybe it’s in the form of a review, or positive buzz from gaming sites. Soon, the trickle gains some steam as overwhelming praise starts to sound from corners of the web. Then a friend plays it and loves it. Then multiple friends play it and sing its praises. And before you know it, love of this game has become an avalanche, ready to knock you from your footing of carefully budgeted gaming purchases.

This is my story right now with the Tomb Raider reboot, especially after our most recent podcast (which will be up on Sunday), and Jeff’s stellar Tomb Raider review. Whenever this happens, I tend to panic. I start checking the game’s price on different outlets. I find myself stopping at Redbox stations to see if the game is available for rent. I wonder what I might stop playing in favor of it. The really silly thing about doing this with Tomb Raider is that I’ve already got an impressive backlog, and I’m in the middle of a Ni No Kuni playthrough. As a scholar once said, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Has this happened to you guys recently? Do you try to avoid the avalanche when a new game comes out that you weren’t expecting to be great? Do you just give in, or wait? What games have done this to you? Go!

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4 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Avoiding the Avalanche?”

  1. Its strange usually when its a game like that, im usually the source. When it comes to games that would be like that my friends and I would usually end up buying it to just mess with. So usually it starts from me.

  2. Recently, right now, all the damn time… I’ve been doing pretty well waiting over the past few months, resisting the cycle for Far Cry 3 and Ni No Kuni (though that one wasn’t entirely unexpected). Tomb Raider though…I’m not sure I’ll manage to hold out.

  3. First off: Final Fantasy VI.

    Second, I am trying to wait nowadays. I have a lot to play and I keep stopping and starting Ni NO Kuni as new games come out.

    Plus, Bioshock Infinite is coming out, so I plan on playing that. I will get Tomb Raider after that, but part of the joy of waiting is maybe there will be a sweet sale or something that will make my waiting seem prescient.

  4. I am usually pretty good at holding off for a sale or something, especially when I have so many games yet to play. However, I caved with Bioshock Infinite. I just couldn’t turn down the deal on GMG. I had $15 credit already (from pre ordering Tomb Raider I believe), so I used that, plus chose the $14 cash back option which means…get ready for it… I payed $30.99 for Bioshock, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Darkness II (since I already have the other free options) and Bioshock Infinite. How could I possibly say no to that?

    If you guys want to grab the same deal before the launch on Tuesday, I highly recommend getting it through GMG!

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