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Well, now that EA has finally revealed the more-meager-than-most-would-like-list of games that are available as a free download to compensate for any hardships caused by the unmitigated disaster that is Simcity, it’s time to find out from our dear readers what game they are going to choose! I know some people were expecting more from this, such as perhaps choosing any EA game on origin, but come on: it’s EA. We’re lucky they haven’t convinced our banks to double-charge us for Simcity. The list is below:

What Free Origin Game Would You Choose?

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So if you are one of those unlucky people who made the foolish (in hindsight) decision to pre-order Simcity (or were flat out dumb enough to buy it after release), congrats on your game! I for one am amused to see Simcity 4, which was released 10 years ago (10 years ago I was in college, had never played Halo and was beardless. What a decade!), as one of the options, but it was also the one game I was thinking about getting even before the list was released. Though Need For Speed: Most Wanted is a strong contender as well. I don’t now! Still deciding!

So vote in the poll above and let us know in the comments below what game you plan on downloading to salve the wound left by Simcity’s dagger. GO!

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7 thoughts on “Pixel Count: Free EA Game?”

  1. I’m not one of the affected, but this list seems more than meager to me. I was honestly really surprised that the list contained games as recent as Dead Space 3.

  2. I picked Warfighter but that’s because I didn’t see the refund offer. I feel like Harrsion Ford in Air Force One. “I want my money back!”

    By the way, I did actually pick Warfighter because I own all the other games.

  3. It’s a much better offering than Sony’s “Welcome Back” program when the PSN went down, but I just want my money back.

  4. Ugh, I don’t want a free game, I just want for EA to be a shining example of why this always online DRM shit is poison for anybody who tries to use it. Throwing free shit at their audience to make up for repeatedly lying and being so sloppy about it is just insulting. This whole thing is a disaster, I’m not partaking in the feigned clean-up when every always online DRM disaster that EA deals with doesn’t stop them from just fucking up worse in the future. Buying out the angry customers is just a bandage on the shotgun wound of a PR nightmare this has become.

    I don’t want a free game, I’ll just start buying from them again when they learn from their mistakes and not only treat their customers with respect but with the truth instead of blatant and weak lies about the game’s capabilities and excuses about unseemly features. Until then the EA logo is a mark that will show me not to waste my money.

  5. @William John Holly

    I fail to see how giving fans you’ve wronged a free game is insulting. It’s not just “free shit” like digital swag that they’re throwing out here, it’s actual games, two of which are priced at above $40 normally. Do they expect the free game to repair everything? Absolutely not, but it’s a good place to start, and I don’t think anybody should lash out at them for doing stuff like this. Would you rather they have done nothing? I’m sure behind closed doors they’re working on the other important aspects of this mistake, such as keeping things like this from happening again, but for now, just take the free game or not, the choice is yours.

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