Battlefield 3: End Game is an Inauspicious Final DLC

As the announcement of Battlefield 4 draws every closer (seriously, they just teased the reveal trailer on Twitter), the last piece of DLC for Battlefield 3, End Game, has hit. With dirtbikes, Capture the Flag, and Air Superiority, End Game is throwing a lot at the wall. Does it all stick? Luckily for you, I’ve made a video summarizing my thoughts on End Game. Give it a watch, will you?

It’s not exactly the best way to close out Battlefield 3, but it’s not awful, either. As a final piece of DLC we could have gotten much worse. Unlike Armored Kill, I could see the maps from End Game easily slotting in alongside the Aftermath, Karkand, and vanilla maps. Has anyone else been playing End Game on PC? Any YouTube experts want to give me some constructive criticism? Go!

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6 thoughts on “Battlefield 3: End Game is an Inauspicious Final DLC”

  1. In general im still more partial to Bad Company 2. I do enjoy aerial warfare though, not much will compare like ARMA 2 air warfare.

  2. I bought BF3 on PC a couple of weeks ago. I’m wondering if I should bother getting the DLC, it’s a lot of money when I could be using BF3 as practice for BF4 and become invested in it instead. Should I consider one or two? Or is it all-or-nothing with BF3?

  3. I’m with KillKlii, and that’s because I can play Bad Company 2 from Steam :D.

    Good summary. Confused me when you said “Lube here” instead of Mitch, haha. I’m still sour I have this game and only played multiplayer for maybe 30 minutes around Christmas 2011. I just can’t do Origin.

  4. I’m both with KillKlii and Julez on this one as well, I’m just partial to Bad Company 2. I enjoyed so many hours playing it on both console and PC, and just recently reinstalled it for PC so I could play again. Also, I’m a bit more partial to Frosbite’s first showing for Bad Co. 2, rather than Frostbite 2.0. Sure 2.0 looks pretty, but I dunno, things just felt off for me with 2.0 in terms of certain mechanics. Just my opinion, though. I’m not gonna be that guy that tries to deter someone from playing BF3. The more the merrier. Just throwing it out there, but a Bad Co. 2 Community night would be pretty sweet. Just sayin’ 😀

  5. @Petyr Yeah, I’d recommend Premium because most of the servers run all the maps. Plus all the weapons and junk. It goes on sale sometimes so wait for that.

    A Bad Company 2 game night would be tops, but I think I’m the only one who owns that on PC.

  6. I own it on PC as well, but a game night of that is almost not possible cause I cant host a server for that. At least unless they made the server’s public.

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