This Week’s Videos: Journey and Bioshock Infinite Music

I promise I’m not trying to make weekly videos a theme, but it was hard to resist the idea of showing you guys these two music-themed videos. And seeing as how one is related to Bioshock Infinite, a game that many of you are pumped about, and the other is related to Journey, which I feel has one of the best gaming soundtracks of all time, I didn’t think you all would mind.

The first video is a brief clip of two of Bioshock Infinite’s actors, Troy Baker and Courtnee Draper, singing an old spiritual song that appears in the game, Will the Circle Be Unbroken. This is a classic song, and I love the time period that it establishes Columbia in. It’s a lovely duet, and it’s pretty cool that it appears in the game.

This next video is something that I’d love to see more of. Journey’s composer, Austin Wintory, provides text commentary to the entire game’s soundtrack on YouTube, along with some lovely artwork from the game in addition to fan art. It’s great to listen to for awhile, but I love seeing where his inspiration came from just as much.

So what do you guys think of these two pieces of music? What are some of your favorite video game soundtracks? Go!

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2 thoughts on “This Week’s Videos: Journey and Bioshock Infinite Music”

  1. The music really can make the game. A game that is well based with great music you remember and always go back to either play or listen to. A crappy game with great music you will most likely listen to the soundtrack. But a game with just a story and not much music put in can break a game sometimes. Its great to see things putting that much effort into their soundtracks. As for what my favorite is I really don’t have one. I often cycle through a lot of soundtracks cause I like them so much.

  2. God, I had forgotten just how lovely Journey’s soundtrack is. Can’t wait to see what he does with Banner Saga. I’m still a big fan of Disasterpeace’s Fez soundtrack – it’s a bit moody at times, but it’s been the backdrop to some of my most productive days. Although they may not strictly be soundtracks per se, I’ve also been revisiting arranged/remixed soundtracks lately, like Chrono Trigger – Brink of Time, Project Majestic Mix, and a bunch of other stuff I gleaned from VGMix forever ago. Ah, nostalgia.

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