The GamerSushi Power Rankings: March 2013

Final Fantasy 7 Tifa

Welcome to the monthly Power Rankings, gents. If you’ll recall, we’ve changed the Power Ranking format in 2013 to reflect our current “What’s Hot” list, regardless of the year the game was released. These are the games we keep coming back to collectively, salivating as we play… OK, that last part might have been an exaggeration, although I hear Mitch does get very excited about necromorphs.

Speaking of necromorphs, 2013 is already rolling with a handful of new games that have made their appearance on this month’s Power Rankings, including Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3. Next month’s list will be even wackier in terms of shake-ups, if Anthony’s recent Pixel Count is any indication. We’ve also been dipping our toes into some older ponds, including the zany urban warfare depicted in Saint’s Row 3, as well as the magepunky slums of Midgar in Final Fantasy 7.

Here are GamerSushi’s top 10 most played games right now. Feel free to tell us we’re the crazy ones, and tell us what would be on your list.

Last updated: 03/05/13
1 Ni No Kuni Ni No Kuni
Add the love of old school RPGs with the look and feel of a living, breathing Studio Ghibli designed world, and you can just take all of our money right now.
2 Far Cry 3 -1 Far Cry 3
Seriously, can we just go ahead and reset the outposts already?
3 Dead Space 3 Dead Space 3
Anthony and Mitch played this game separately, which is a shame. They could have comforted one another in those dark corridors.
4 Final Fantasy 7 Final Fantasy 7
Anthony and Eddy are streaming through this game, start to finish. Revisiting Midgar is still just as magical as it used to be. And polygonal.
5 Hotline Miami -2 Hotline Miami
This is pretty much the only game Nick played last month, and Anthony won’t be quiet about it. Because it’s still just as awesome.
6 Saint's Row 3 Saint’s Row 3
Saint’s Row 3 still provides unexpected pleasure even months after release. Why aren’t more open world games like this?
7 Walking Dead -2 Walking Dead
We still can’t shake this game out of our heads. It’s like a sickness. So is Nick’s inability to adjust to the controls.
8 XCOM: Enemy Unknown -4 XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Can Firaxis release more scenarios for this? We’re in need of some alien-killing, in a non-FPS sense.
9 Sleeping Dogs -3 Sleeping Dogs
As good as this game was, time is just making the dogs sleepier. Expect it to be off the charts after March’s overflow.
10 Crysis 3 Crysis 3
An uninspired but sometimes fun shooter that happened to have a pretty cool new weapon. Yet another reason that 2013 is the year of the bow.

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