This Week’s Videos: Video Game Locations and Watch Dogs

Hola, Sushians. For Did You See This Wednesday, I bring great gaming gifts, like a spice trader who’s wandered across the internet’s vast desert on camelback.

OK actually, I just found some cool stuff I thought you guys might like to see. We’ve got two videos here. The first is an original piece by Tim Hijikema, who, if you’ll remember, made the excellent Video Game Planets piece almost a year ago.

In his new video, Video Game Locations, Tim re-creates classic video game locales, from Hyrule to Vice City. Set to excellent music, this thing is a crazy nostalgia tour. Can you name them all?

The second video isn’t an original viral piece, but rather, gameplay from Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs. As of now, this is the most substantial look we’ve gotten from a next gen title, and it’s always seemed like that was the case since they first showed off the game back at E3. I’m particularly impressed by the detail of the world, and how alive it looks, much more so than something like Assassin’s Creed. I also can’t help but be saddened, because this game looks like the future AC title that was never quite realized, even when we were doing Desmond missions in AC 3.

So what do you guys think of these two videos? Did Video Game Locations make you nostalgic? Did anyone know all the answers (there were a few that threw me for a loop). And what do you guys think of the gameplay footage of Watch Dogs? Is it enough of a leap to be considered next gen? Go!

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4 thoughts on “This Week’s Videos: Video Game Locations and Watch Dogs”

  1. Great find on the first video Eddy, that was really awesome and nostalgic.

    And on the topic of Watch Dogs, I am soooo happy Ubisoft didn’t make this an AC title. I have never cared about AC’s ludicrous plot and I’m happy I’ll play through Watch Dogs without having that convoluted mess plaguing me every cutscene. Also, the gameplay showed at the PS4 meeting looks amazing, putting to rest some of my concern over stuff like gunplay that was in the E3 demo.

  2. That worlds video was rather enjoyable, couldn’t name a few but I got most of them. Such good memories of those worlds I played in. As for Watch Dogs, I’m quite excited about it now that I have something a little more concrete than the E3 demo. It looks like a step in a good direction for Ubisoft and in feel you can see some Assassin’s Creed tones. I’m glad it’s not actually Assassin’s Creed though.

  3. I fell in love with Watch Dogs the moment I saw that first E3 video. It evoked the kind of childlike excitement I haven’t felt in years, and it was the last feeling I expected to get out of E3. This new video made me feel that way yet again.

  4. I was pumped about Watch Dogs when they talked about it at E3, although I continually got it confused with Sleeping Dogs. I’m glad it’s coming to PC as well.

    Great locations video too, only a few I couldn’t figure out.

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