The GamerSushi Show, Ep 62: All About the PlayStation 4

playstation 4

There was one topic of conversation that dominated this episode of The GamerSushi Show, and you can probably guess what that is. Sony’s reveal of the PlayStation 4 has the gaming world turned on its head and a three man team consisting of myself, Jeff and Nick dissect the press conference.

Seeing as how the reveal was so dominating, we don’t talk about much else during the show, but we’d love to hear your thoughts on the PlayStation 4! Listen, rate, and come at us, bros!

0:00 – 2:14 Intro
2:15 – 1:08:38 PlayStation 4

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7 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 62: All About the PlayStation 4”

  1. I am curious to see what all comes out of E3 regarding the PS4. I don’t care as much about the tech as the games and which ones I’ll miss out on as exclusives. Another good cast dudes.

    I want a t-shirt 🙁

  2. Excellent podcast. I was surprised to hear of such a line up this week! It just goes to show that you all have good chemistry together. Keep up the good work.

  3. Great cast guys! I was waiting for the time where this would be the subject of discussion on the cast. I definitely thought what Nick thought about The Witness having a Myst feel. When they displayed the trailer/demo/whathaveyou one particular scene made me instantly think of Myst, which was when one puzzle was solved and a reflecting plate directed the sunbeams upwards towards the mountain peak, and that has me excited because I always enjoyed games like that. I know that they admitted that the Watch Dogs demo was played on a PC but it was a PC that was running exact specs of what the PS4 was running on so I’m not really going to gripe about it. That just means that’s what it should look like on the actual console itself.

  4. Chips Challenge!! Thank you for mentioning that Mitch. I am totally going to see if I can find that now. Love that game

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