Pixel Count: How Do You Prefer Your Hype?

The reveal of Bungie’s newest property, Destiny, has had me thinking this week about the nature of hype in the video game realm. With everything from years-out announcements to games that get stuck in an endless development cycle, games that get dropped on us just a few months before release and more, we’ve seen the whole gamut of hype. Sometimes it is a bit much for our poor hearts, methinks.

But while I’m excited about the little snippets that Bungie showed off, I can’t help but feel like maybe the announcement had been just a tad overhyped in the week prior. Bungie explained a little of what Destiny is, but there’s still so much we don’t know, and for a game that seems built around its high concept that we may or may not have seen before, it seems like maybe that information is necessary. In the end, it comes down to strategy, and how each developer feels that they can ultimately sell more copies.

All that to ask you guys today’s poll question. How do you prefer your video game hype? Go!

How do you prefer your hype?

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8 thoughts on “Pixel Count: How Do You Prefer Your Hype?”

  1. Awesome, I just had gotten back to the home page to find this brand new post. A high point of my day so far. I like a slower drip of information because perhaps I am a bit old school. When I was in high school, hearing about new games was a steady slow drip of information that had me wondering, and guessing with excitement as to what the game would be like and what it would have in it. Now, with the internet leaking things left and right, I tend to keep as far away from any information regarding a new game I’m excited about. The less I know, the more of a surprise and less chance for disappointment I get.

  2. I think Bungie way overhyped the Destiny reveal. I don’t know if they’re feeling like they can do no wrong, but in retrospect it was kind of disappointing.

    Maybe it was the fault of the leaks that we knew pretty much all of it before hand.

    Anyways, I prefer the blitz announcement with a release within 6 months to a year. I can’t stand the slow drip-feed like BioShock Infinite has been doing. There’s serious been like one trailer for every high-level designer who’s left the project (sick burn).

  3. I prefer “A steady slow drip of information over time” as it’s a lot easier to ignore than the others. The other variants just bombard me with info that I don’t want to hear. Hype has ruined purchases for me too many times. Even the famine is bad. Half Life 3 is way too hyped for my liking now. AND WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IT! I’m sure it will be good, but if I have to hear people raging about Valve not revealing it at E3 one more time I will be enraged.

  4. I think it depends on the game. A brand new IP could benefit from slow drip (I’d consider Infinite separate from Bioshock), but on a sequel that we are positive is coming like half-life 3 or Fallout 4, I prefer the famine. The series that I truly trust and respect and will buy no matter what, I want to know next to nothing about.

  5. Arkham Asylum way for sure. Also I think Bungie was forced to reveal Destiny a little earlier than they wanted to due to the fact that they wanted to be the ones to do it, instead of yet another leak.

  6. Announce the game and release it on the SAME DAY. Only make 100 copies, stimulating demand. Players don’t have to suffer at all with hype.

    Haha in all seriousness though, I like the surprising reveal, I have no idea who voted for “Long, famine-like silence (Half-Life 3)”. You guys must be masochists

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