The GamerSushi Show, Ep 61: Love Cast

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Welcome back to The GamerSushi Show, where a three-man team consisting of Eddy, Anthony and Jeff lull you in with their sultry voices as they talk various bits of gaming news and other sexy stuff.

Since this cast was recorded on Valentine’s Day, there’s kind of a running joke throughout. I’ll leave it up to you to find out what it is, though. In terms of actual topics, the trio talked 9GN, some gaming news including the new Batman game and Destiny, what would happen if Telltale tackled the Aliens franchise, the PS4 controller, and polished it off with a nice discussion about what they love about gaming. I wish I had been able to get in on that last topic, because it’s a really good one.

Alright all you gamers out there, you know how this goes. Listen and rate, and let us know what you love about gaming!

0:00 – 3:50 Intro
3:51 – 8:15 Anthony’s 9GN article
8:16 – 9:40 Site updates and streaming
9:41 – 17:45 Gaming news round up
17:36 – 20:59 Could Telltale tackle Aliens
21:00 – 26:44 PS4 touchscreen controller
26:45 – 56:09 Things We Love About Gaming
56:10 – 1:01:15 Outro

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4 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 61: Love Cast”

  1. I’m crossing my fingers so tight for The Longest Journey kickstarter.. I love those first 2 games. I tried to contribute on KickStarter, but they don’t take paypal apparently? It tries to sign me into Amazon which I know doesn’t take PayPal. Pretty stupid.

    I also miss the golden days of renting games Anthony. I remember trying to rent TMNT:Turtles in Time but accidently renting TMNT:Tournament Fighters. Totally not the same experience…

    Very /lovely/ cast. Perfect use of the music Mitch, laughed every time haha.


  2. Holy fuck, that was quick. There was one earlier this week, so I wasn’t expecting another one for a few weeks 😛

  3. One of your best casts ever, guys. Despite his absense, I could feel Mitch present in spirit, enveloping the conversation in a warm embrace of congenial agreement, yet with an air of vague, self-deprecating apology.

    Telltale was absolutely the first dev that occurred to me in terms of who could do an Aliens game. Make it happen, internets.

    I’m also loving the resurgence of adventure games, even if it is a bit Kickstarter-centric – so psyched for DoubleFine Adventure, Broken Sword, Moebius, Dreamfall Chronicles, Tex Murphy…I can’t imagine they’ll all live up to expectations, but it’s a fun prospect anyway.

    Julez – Red Thread just added Paypal contributions to Dreamfall Chronicles(

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