GamerSushi Asks: PS4 Predictions/Wishlist?

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It’s GamerSushi Asks Friday!

It’s almost here and the excitement surrounding it is palpable: on Wednesday, February 20th at 3PM PST/ 6PM EST, Sony will unveil “The Future of Playstation” and the masses are teeming with anticipation. Although I was initially expecting this press conference to be a huge letdown by having it turn out to be a new model of the PS Vita or something regarding Playstation Plus, all signs seemingly point to the PS4.

From suddenly leaked specs to a prototype PS4 controller to publishing executives becoming far less cagey than normal about next-gen, the future is upon us. So with the announcement just a few short days away, I thought I would ask you Sushians what you expect Sony to announce and what you want them to announce with regards to PS4 features. Personally, I expect a focus on connectivity with social networks, streaming or recording gameplay on youtube and showing off the features of the new controller.

What I want is a tougher questions because one of the things you expect from something like this is for Sony to show us something we want that don’t even know we want. I want a large HDD, faster downloads, free online, cross-game chat, a Virtual Console-esque library of games to stream via their newly purchased Gaikai investment and a cleaner interface. Oh and better graphics and awesome games of course. You know: nothing fancy. Just blow my mind and make me want to throw all my credit cards at my monitor. And make it cheap. And sexy.

What about you? What do you expect Sony to unveil and what do you want in your next-gen console? Get your comments in now as I have it on goo authority that Sony execs are big fans of GamerSushi and your ideas might be implemented by Wednesday’s press conference. Go!!!

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3 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: PS4 Predictions/Wishlist?”

  1. Personally I’m not a Sony guy, I do all of my media (except Blu Rays) on my Xbox and play all of my console games (except exclusives) on my Xbox as well. Really all I’m concerned with is games.

  2. I haven’t been a console gamer for a while, but in our house we do use the PS3 for Netflix, NHL Gamecenter, BluRay/DVDs etc. If the PS4 is “cheap” and is backwards compatible with PS3 games, I might pick one up at some point.

    I just hope they dont f$*# with the controller. They’ve had the best controller in video games for almost 20 years, no need to mess with it.

  3. Anthony you’ve basically summed up what I need to fully commit to a next gen video game console. As long a Sony doesn’t do something stupid like try to reinvent the wheel and “wii u” the hell out of their controller I’d be open to buying the PS4.

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