News Round Up: New Batman, Aliens Reviews and Bungie’s Destiny

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It’s Stop the Presses Thursday here on GamerSushi. This last week was a bit light on news, so I thought I’d wrap up a few items in one convenient post for you.

First up is the word that a successor to Batman: Arkham City is in the works and will be coming out this year! Warners Bros. Interactive announced it quietly during an earnings call with the actual reveal coming in a few months. Rumors are abound about what the next Arkham game will be about, with Rocksteady either going back to the Silver Age of comics for inspiration or not being involved with the project at all. Arkham City and Arkham Asylum scribe Paul Dini will definitely not be returning, however.

After six years in development, Aliens: Colonial Marines has finally hit and boy is it a stinker. Just months after releasing their high-quality hit Borderlands 2, Gearbox has released another game on a level with the ill-received Duke Nukem Forever. According to an anonymous post on Reddit, Aliens: Colonial Marines has had a trouble history, coming together in the past six months after Gearbox took issue with the single-player campaign they contracted out to TimeGate. I played the game a bit last night and I can tell you, it’s as bad as they say.

And last but not least, Bungie is officially letting Destiny out in the open, with a bunch of video game journalists visiting the Bellevue, Washington studio this week. The official reveal is coming on the 17 and you can get all your social media teases through the links on Bungie’s page.

So what do you guys thinks of these little snippets of news? Excited for a new Batman? Thoughts on the Aliens controversy? Are you signing on for Destiny?

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2 thoughts on “News Round Up: New Batman, Aliens Reviews and Bungie’s Destiny”

  1. Im wondering how the new batman is going to work out story wise with a different writer. But the mechanics in the game still excite me.

  2. I’m pretty curious to see what Destiny is about. Bungie has always been synonymous with Halo, and now that they’ve passed the torch, so to speak, I’d like to see what they’re direction with this one is. As for Colonial Marines, as stupid as this sounds, it might have reviewed low and I’ve heard that it’s bad, but that makes me want to play it even the more.

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