The GamerSushi Power Rankings: February 2013

Torchlight 2 cut scene

I hope you’re all happy to know that we’re bringing the Power Rankings back this year, but in a slightly different format. Last year, the Power Rankings updated at a few key points to bring you our running list of the best 10 games of the year so far. In 2013, the Power Rankings will focus more on our hottest 10 games of the moment, despite what year it was released. Think of it as a “what’s trending” list amongst the GamerSushi staff. These are the games we just can’t get out of our heads, or out of our disc trays (or hard drives, as it were).

Every year, it’s interesting to note the games that stick with you from the end of the previous year’s crazy gaming season. For me, the biggest surprises to come out of the Fall were games like Hotline Miami, but most especially Far Cry 3. While I had no interest in Far Cry 3 for the entire year, I couldn’t put the game down for the entire two weeks that I blazed through it, completing nearly all of the sidequests as well. If you had told me that Far Cry 3 would still be on my mind in 2013 a year ago, I would have snorted and called you a crazy person. Heck, I still might call you one today.

Here are GamerSushi’s top 10 most played games right now. Feel free to tell us we’re the crazy ones, and tell us what would be on your list.

Last updated: 02/07/13
1 Far Cry 3 Far Cry 3
Crazy fun stealth, skinning animals and hang gliders. This is an island playground like no other.
2 Borderlands 2 Borderlands 2
More loot, more monsters, more mayhem. Borderlands 2 is addictive, and is a step up from its predecessor in every way.
3 Hotline Miami Hotline Miami
We love it when old school feels new again. Especially when you add violence an an addictive soundtrack.
4 XCOM: Enemy Unknown XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Most of us finished this game some time ago, but we still get the itch to throw our friends into hordes of alien terrors. And poisonous gas. And mind control.
5 Walking Dead -4 Walking Dead
The final chapter was one of video game’s great climaxes. Lee and Clementine’s story may be done for now, but its memory still lives on. But not in a zombie way, of course.
6 Sleeping Dogs Sleeping Dogs
An open world GTA-style game that’s actually fun to play? And has a good story? And brutal hand-to-hand fighting?
7 Battlefield 3 Battlefield 3
For some reason, Mitch is still playing this. We don’t know why, either.
8 CS:GO -6 Counter-Strike: GO
Maybe it’s just the GamerSushi community night talking, but we still love this game. It’ll be hard to knock this off the list in 2013.
9 Letterpress Letterpress
Sometimes we feel a little crazy, and play word games on our phones. Sometimes we do it too much.
10 Torchlight II Torchlight II
With brilliant design, addictive dungeoneering and pets, Torchlight II scratches the Diablo itch in ways that Diablo III might not have. Did we mention it’s only $20?

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4 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Power Rankings: February 2013”

  1. Far Cry 3 is currently surprising the hell out of me with how great it is. The story has yet to truly grab me, but the stealth mechanics are top notch (seriously, doing a double jump takedown followed by a takedown plus knife throw is amazing) and the gunplay is nice and smooth. Not to mention there are a lot of simply smart game design choices that are mostly quality of life stuff, but they make all the difference.

  2. I’m with Drell right now. I got my rig fixed up as of last night and have started to work through Far Cry 3 finally and – man – it’s been great. I’m also not a huge fan of the story so far, I’ve just been running around doing side stuff and hunting. Side note: WASD driving feels pretty great, which is a ticklish surprise.

    Anyways, not the time or place. Cool list!

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